Thursday, March 16, 2017

So many thoughts.

Lately I have been thinking about so many things. Most revolve around... what if.

What if I did this? What if I took a stride in that?

Its one of those times when you start evaluating the life of your own and hoping to change in direction from the regular, mundane routine. There's a few who have helped along the way, lent a helping hand through the rough patches. Subconsciously we've been taught something, a new way of thinking. Perhaps a new way of reshaping the journey to something different. Shortly along the way, another important person comes along and injects a hint of unique thought. An idea that rethinks the current status quo.

Life is a beautiful thing. No matter how many times you fall, there's a way to lift you back up. So many possibilities lead to infinite opportunities.


I've recently read an article about someone working in a controversial profession. Its one that's frowned upon but generates substantial cash that one could only dream of.

The salary looks something like this:
around $500 per hour, $1100 for 2 hours.... $300 for each additional hour.

If you have the guts and willing to take the risk, its up for grabs. Money that many people (highly praised professionals) would be spending countless hours at the office and would not earn close to this profession's annual income.

What is something you wished you could be doing, if you were brave enough?

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