Friday, March 3, 2017

New Years Resolution: January Edition

I am those who don't make new years resolutions because rarely do they get checked off. For me, if it doesn't get finished... might as well not start. JUST KIDDING!

Rather than making specific resolution goals, I've decided to take a more ambiguous approach. Making it vague allows room to make it happen without too many limitations. 

Here's my list: 

✓Get better in volleyball
- Learn something new
- Read more
✓ Volunteer more
- Explore BC more
- Spend less
- Stay healthy
- Learn a new language
- Spend more time with family and friends
- Bake more
- Stay positive
- Never give up

This year, I have started on targeting a few things. One of which includes improving my beach volleyball skills! Over the last 6 years, I have learned to play the sport through different players I've played with and against. As the years go by, I've slowly come to see my friend's tremendous improvements through learning from clinics. This year, I've signed up for an intermediate co-ed 2s clinic. In just 5 weeks of training, I've improved tremendously. Along the way, un-learning a number of techniques and improper approaches was challenging. One thing's for sure, more injuries will have occurred from the incorrect techniques.

My clinic is expected to end mid-April. Strangely enough, I look forward to learning something new each Sunday.

Volunteer is one of the things I have slowly shy away from since high school graduation. Here and there I would help out in organizing one-off events. This year, my goal is to be able to volunteer at different non-profit organizations and help out as much as possible. In January, I booked my first appointment with Canadian Red Cross for blood donation. They have migrated to the electronic system since last summer. The electronic system is more efficient in keeping track of your donation times and provide interesting news to keep the donors posted. The Oak street clinic has changed quite a bit since my last visit. They have improved the platelet section. Offering more entertainment options for those spending more time at the clinic. Its nice to see changes being made.

Have you looked into what New Year's resolution you'll be tackling this month?

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