Thursday, March 2, 2017

February: Zen. Volleyball. Catching up.

Once again, I drown myself in beach volleyball. With leagues 2-3 times a week, my weeknights are occupied with fun teamwork and good social life. I sub regularly on Tuesdays, share a Queen's spot on Wednesdays, and play in a co-ed 2s league on Thursdays.

Although I don't play every Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday is the day of the week where I rush to the facility. As work ends at 4:30PM, I rush for the 5PM start. Its a bit of a hassle but all worth it.

When I had my fractured rib (hairline), I forced myself to sit out until Sunday's clinic. It felt like the longest week I've had this winter. All the energy build up got me really short-tempered and losing patience in everything. Ended up playing on Saturday and felt my temper has improved tremendously. Starting the last week of February, I keep reminding myself to wait, be patient. It has helped my games in waiting for the right time to make the hit, pass, or set.

This month I've also tried out a few new things.

One of which is reconnecting with a volleyball friend of mine over dine-out. She had booked Seasons in the Park as soon as reservations started with her husband. Unfortunately he couldn't make it so she asked to see who would be available. So I jumped the gun and volunteered myself. As with most of my beach volleyball friends, we get together 4-5 times a week in the spring/summer time each year. During the fall/winter days, we tend to do our own thing. Thus I thought it would be nice to re-connect over dinner. We ended up chatting for 3 hours! There was so much catching up to do. She was telling me about her courses and work. Which motivated me to sign up for a few pre-requisites for a Paralegal Diploma program that I've always wanted to do. The most rewarding part of catching up is learning new things from other person's experiences.

What's one memorably thing you've learned from talking with others?

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