Monday, February 27, 2017

2016 Year-End Trip: Cancun

2016 has been a year filled with many amazing memories and spectacular experiences. It was time to end on a high note.

Mid-December, my girlfriend and I sat at a coffee shop in Vancouver. We looked and looked for over 2 hours. We searched up different vacation companies for an inclusive vacation. My heart was in Cuba. But the pricing just wasn't feasible so we opted for Cancun, Mexico. The trip was reasonable considering the time when we booked it. Works out to about $2500 CAD which includes Flight and Accommodation. We're leaving in 2 weeks after booking, never have I gotten more spontaneous than that!

Cancun was amazing. It surpassed my last trip to Puerto Vallarta (which I wasn't of legal drinking age at the time). A whole week with activities throughout the day put on by the resort. The place is clean and tidy. Staff were very engaging and humble, spectacular quality service.

Best of all, they don't provide quality service to get good tips. Their goal is to make all customers happy and have a good time. 

A number of cuisines to choose from, all you can eat during the day and night if you wish. There was Chinese, American, Japanese, Mexican, and in general all you can eat. There were many activities throughout the week: Water Volleyball, Bingo, Water Polo, Volleyball, Zumba, Water Aerobics, Salsa dancing. Lots to keep you entertained and on your feet.

While we were there, we joined an excursion tour on the Catamarang. Open bar to Isla Mujeres. There we had an all you can eat lunch and we tried the "Mexican Style" parachuting and snorkeling. My advice is.... do those excursion separately. Its usually NOT what it sounds like if its too good to be true.

We went during the right time as Vancouver was experiencing a downpour of snow over the last few weeks. First we've seen in years. It was an amazing experience to be able to wear bikini and walk around on the sandy, white beaches. Lounging & overlooking a crystal clear water paradise. Of course, with a Pina Colata in hand.

When we first got there, Americans outweigh Canadian tourists. Later it changed. Next time, I will strive to wear a red/white swimwear. ;)

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