Thursday, December 8, 2016

My makeup go-tos for work

Makeup for work. 

No, this is not a makeup tutorial. But simply showcasing on my go-tos for makeup products. This is for travelling or for work. 

There's always a time when you would need to look fresh and awake. Or other times when you need to ensure your business casual/formal wear matches a presentable face. 

In the recent convention, I have brought the following:
  • Eyeshadow Palette x2 (one has glitter while the other is simply for shading/contouring the eyes)
  • Lipstick x1
  • Mascara x1
  • Eyelash Curler x1
  • Eyeliner x1
  • Concealer x1
  • Perfume Roller x1
Since my tan from the summertime, it is still a struggle trying to find my own shade for the fall/winter season. Hence I don't even have pressed powder to seal the face from the oily T-zone. Some of the things I would have if I had gone all out:
  • Contouring Blush
  • Pore reducer
  • Shine control pressed powder
  • Fake Lashes
Its amazing how much products we can put on our face on any given day. Which part of the face do you focus your makeup on? 

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