Monday, December 12, 2016

Instagram-ers to follow

Instagram is my escape to the world that I don't live in. There are many amazing photographers who showcase their work there. Every time I open the app, surprises awaits me. For this season, there are a few Instagram accounts I followed in a heartbeat:

1. @a.lovely.interior

This account showcases beautiful interior designs of different homes. They use the color white and incorporate other specially chosen furniture to give it a character. The designs are very pleasing to the eye and is definitely a good distraction from the winter blues. 

2. @hilightarchitects

This not only post pictures of the home's interior, but also the building/unique architecture's exterior. Very trendy and modern, sleek designs. Brilliant use of the basic colors (black, white, and grey) and use of one-of-a-kind furniture to produce art.

3. @thedreamstrip

Used up your vacation time? Or waiting to accumulate enough months to claim your time off like me? Here's a dose of vacation while you're on your coffee break, or after a long day's work. The dream strip covers a lot of exotic beaches and resorts. Breathtaking bodies of water, along with warm, sunny, sandy beaches. Almost all the places they have a picture of is a MUST-GO. 

4. @vacations

Maybe you're not exactly the type who likes sandy beaches, and getting roasted in the sun? Not a problem. This Instagram account captures places from sunny beaches to beautiful, snowy mountain tops. You can experience almost every season through the eyes of this instagram-er. 

What's your favorite account to follow?

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