Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Annual Chiropractic Convention

This year's annual chiropractic convention was in Delta Burnaby Hotel on November 3-6, 2016.

As my first year working at an event, I am equally nervous and excited! In the past I was only involved in running events on a volunteer basis. The special thing we did this year was going paperless. We are asking each attendee to install the app. This app includes schedules, speaker(s) information, a fun factor of learning the app for a chance to win a hotel stay!

Each staff were to stay at the hotel over the span of 4 days, to serve as advisors for support.

I had the privilege in getting to know the crowd and experience to see it from more corporate side. It was equally challenging despite organizing it from a budget greater than $0. The resources play a large factor in ensuring the event ran smoothly.

We had very engaging attendees, and others who are very interested to learn about the technology. A number of positive reviews stemmed in providing a more environmentally friendly approach and good set of data for better planning next year.


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