Tuesday, November 8, 2016

TEDxGastownWomen Event

October/November has been a few busy weeks for me!

2016 marks the 2nd year at organizing (volunteer) at TEDxGastownWomen event! There has been so many changes since we've started last year. 

Some of my personal changes include:
  • transitioning from taking care of social media & sponsorship to volunteers & registration
  • less hands-on at getting the ball rolling due to my car accident at the beginning of the year
  • more focused on recovery, shifts in schedule towards physiotherapy, volleyball, and other exercises
  • introduced Joann/Emma to the team with her expertise in social media/marketing management
A few event changes include:
  • a few folks from the organizing team last year has passed on 
  • new members have joined the team
  • arrangement of responsibilities have changed slightly as well
  • larger venue to accommodate more attendees

The event was a success! We had over 300 attendees, and have integrated live-stream this year. Which opens doors for more folks who didn't get tickets but want to take part. Large engagement via different social media channels. We couldn't have done it without a strong team of keeners, making it happen!

Photos to the TEDxGastownWomen event can be found HERE

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