Tuesday, November 22, 2016

My journey transitioning to the healthcare field

Time flies! I've been at my current job for close to 5 months now. 

I was coming close to the end of my contract with FortisBC at the time. Due to the changes in HR policies and uncertainties with the company, I decided it was time to leave. The job alone requires me to work day/night shifts with harsh times. At least once a month I'd be working from Midnight till 8 in the morning, fighting sleep around 5AM. It was one of the most brutal shifts I've experienced. I was ready to go back to regular day shifts. Though I will miss my coworkers dearly, as they brought light in my shifts and made the long shifts bearable

I came across a job posting at the regulatory body. It guaranteed a regular work schedule with health benefits. It was a definite plus as my job at the time has no benefits. One of the things the job requirement didn't indicate was work experience. I was confident that my skills and abilities would be good for the position. So I went ahead to submit my resume & cover letter.

Had a phone interview with the third party HR lady, which went horribly wrong in my opinion (even after preparation). It wouldn't do any good to callback and explain so I remedied the situation by writing a thank you letter along with correcting my mistake. To my surprise, the lady had shortlisted me for an in-person interview! The room booked wasn't available when we met up, so we decided to do it at a coffee shop instead. She spent a considerate amount of time observing my character over analyzing the quality of my responses. She strongly pitched myself to the college and I scored my second interview, right before my shift! I was very focused for my interview and went smoother than I anticipated. Surprisingly, I find myself in many ways similar with my current supervisor. It was surreal, landing in a job you wake up & motivated to going everyday, working with people who have full confidence in your capabilities. I am grateful for where I am in my career now, and looking forward to accomplishing more as the days go by!

Hard work, dedication and commitment does pays off.

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