Sunday, November 13, 2016

Learning to appreciate life: simple ritual

A recent INC article by Jessica Stillman really stood out to me.

She is one of the authors I absolutely love reading about. Almost each topic she writes about resonates with me. This one is no different. The article talks about the struggles that as individuals like ourselves experience each day. We all know there's something happening in someone else's life that we know nothing about.

During the rough bumps, we ourselves have the power to overcome them. Sometimes it involves making physical changes, but mostly a simple change in our mindset will be enough.

She references a TEDx talk about a speaker who has gone through almost every worst situation possible, back to back. (I encourage you to have a read- link to article below) Normally a person would not be able to go through them without pain/suicidal thoughts. But the brave soul came through using a simple ritual.


Everyday soon after you wake up & right before you go to bed, take a few minutes to complete these sentences:

  • Today I am grateful for...
  • Today I helped someone by...
  • Something that made me happy today...
  • Today I learned...
  • Tomorrow I will...

(If you cannot complete all, its alright. You can always build on completing one more each day)

I hope to do this on my instagram starting Monday. Time to do some brainstorming!

Check out the article here.

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