Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Friends Date: 4Cats Art Studio

Main Street has a number of really neat places, little mom and pop shops.

Recently I attended 2 workshops at 4Cats (Main street location). Taking a quick look at their calendar of events, there's at least three workshops happening every week! 

The workshops are decent sized (the ones I've attended had less than 10 people) and ranges from 45 minutes to 2 hours. Tutorials are straightforward and fairly easy to make (if you have crafty hands :)). The instructors are friendly and patient, helping everyone from start to finish. 

Most of their workshops occur in the nighttime on the weekdays and early evening on the weekend. Its ideal for those who work during the day and needs some relaxation time. To attract more locals, they have discounts for bringing friends/family members along! Best of all, there are a number of pubs and restaurants along Main street to visit afterwards for food. 

The first workshop I've attended was the Polymer Clay workshop before Halloween. Polymer clay are very easy to work with in comparison to the normal clay (which needs to be painted and glazed). There are a number of colours to choose from and they don't dry up quickly. Once the creation is done, you would need to heat it up in a simple conventional oven. If parts fall off, a simple fix can be done with quick glue. 

The regular clay requires a bit more speed (to assemble the pieces) in comparison. The reason being they dry quick. So it becomes tough to work with once the moisture disappears. In order for the parts to attach and stick on, there needs to be scratches & little water applied between the 2 connecting parts. It was a fun experience and a fun activity to do with friends. For each of the cups we've made, we initialed under each other's cups to signify we've done the workshop together :)


What is one of the fun things you've done with your friends?

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