Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Friends Date: 4Cats Art Studio

Main Street has a number of really neat places, little mom and pop shops.

Recently I attended 2 workshops at 4Cats (Main street location). Taking a quick look at their calendar of events, there's at least three workshops happening every week! 

The workshops are decent sized (the ones I've attended had less than 10 people) and ranges from 45 minutes to 2 hours. Tutorials are straightforward and fairly easy to make (if you have crafty hands :)). The instructors are friendly and patient, helping everyone from start to finish. 

Most of their workshops occur in the nighttime on the weekdays and early evening on the weekend. Its ideal for those who work during the day and needs some relaxation time. To attract more locals, they have discounts for bringing friends/family members along! Best of all, there are a number of pubs and restaurants along Main street to visit afterwards for food. 

The first workshop I've attended was the Polymer Clay workshop before Halloween. Polymer clay are very easy to work with in comparison to the normal clay (which needs to be painted and glazed). There are a number of colours to choose from and they don't dry up quickly. Once the creation is done, you would need to heat it up in a simple conventional oven. If parts fall off, a simple fix can be done with quick glue. 

The regular clay requires a bit more speed (to assemble the pieces) in comparison. The reason being they dry quick. So it becomes tough to work with once the moisture disappears. In order for the parts to attach and stick on, there needs to be scratches & little water applied between the 2 connecting parts. It was a fun experience and a fun activity to do with friends. For each of the cups we've made, we initialed under each other's cups to signify we've done the workshop together :)


What is one of the fun things you've done with your friends?

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

My journey transitioning to the healthcare field

Time flies! I've been at my current job for close to 5 months now. 

I was coming close to the end of my contract with FortisBC at the time. Due to the changes in HR policies and uncertainties with the company, I decided it was time to leave. The job alone requires me to work day/night shifts with harsh times. At least once a month I'd be working from Midnight till 8 in the morning, fighting sleep around 5AM. It was one of the most brutal shifts I've experienced. I was ready to go back to regular day shifts. Though I will miss my coworkers dearly, as they brought light in my shifts and made the long shifts bearable

I came across a job posting at the regulatory body. It guaranteed a regular work schedule with health benefits. It was a definite plus as my job at the time has no benefits. One of the things the job requirement didn't indicate was work experience. I was confident that my skills and abilities would be good for the position. So I went ahead to submit my resume & cover letter.

Had a phone interview with the third party HR lady, which went horribly wrong in my opinion (even after preparation). It wouldn't do any good to callback and explain so I remedied the situation by writing a thank you letter along with correcting my mistake. To my surprise, the lady had shortlisted me for an in-person interview! The room booked wasn't available when we met up, so we decided to do it at a coffee shop instead. She spent a considerate amount of time observing my character over analyzing the quality of my responses. She strongly pitched myself to the college and I scored my second interview, right before my shift! I was very focused for my interview and went smoother than I anticipated. Surprisingly, I find myself in many ways similar with my current supervisor. It was surreal, landing in a job you wake up & motivated to going everyday, working with people who have full confidence in your capabilities. I am grateful for where I am in my career now, and looking forward to accomplishing more as the days go by!

Hard work, dedication and commitment does pays off.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Annual Chiropractic Convention

This year's annual chiropractic convention was in Delta Burnaby Hotel on November 3-6, 2016.

As my first year working at an event, I am equally nervous and excited! In the past I was only involved in running events on a volunteer basis. The special thing we did this year was going paperless. We are asking each attendee to install the app. This app includes schedules, speaker(s) information, a fun factor of learning the app for a chance to win a hotel stay!

Each staff were to stay at the hotel over the span of 4 days, to serve as advisors for support.

I had the privilege in getting to know the crowd and experience to see it from more corporate side. It was equally challenging despite organizing it from a budget greater than $0. The resources play a large factor in ensuring the event ran smoothly.

We had very engaging attendees, and others who are very interested to learn about the technology. A number of positive reviews stemmed in providing a more environmentally friendly approach and good set of data for better planning next year.


Monday, November 14, 2016

How heart aches really feel like... for the 2nd time

Recently the feeling of heart aches become more and more prominent. That’s the feeling of life, a sea of emotions drowning you before you know it.
Mr. A and I have known each other for some time. In the recent years we became closer friends (as oppose to the “hi” friends, as I’d call them). We both share a number of different relationships. He is a really kind, considerate man. A man with a wealth of knowledge that only one can dream of. With an appealing intellect and personality, he knows where his attraction lies.
Personally, there’s a few (probably a lot more than this) which we have diverging views on. But our life experiences differ which explains the discrepancy between our thoughts. We have been slowly going into a diverging path due to our differences in views. I personally wants to get out of the “ideal version” of him. To remove myself from the unrealistic, ideal world that we could be living in. We are two very different people, from different worlds which would not meet in the course of our lifetime. We grew up differently, with some similarities in raised with a kind heart. We would pour ourselves to help those in need simply because that’s how humanity should be. Not asking for anything in return, but to spread the love around by helping others in need.
A lot of the times I admire his courage. The ability to stand up for what’s right. A man of his horoscope is very attractive in that sense.

Two months later...

Its a moment of realization, time to slap myself to wake up. Over the course of the time we've created memories throughout, I've seen how unimportant I was to him. Living in the wonderful digital era, we often see ourselves portraying as a different person on social media. I, quite frankly, use this to evaluate myself in other people's lives. In this situation, I didn't leave a single hint of mark because my presence was removed from his pictures of memories on facebook. He only chose pictures which I wasn't in to post. 

There was even a friend's post that questioned him going on the adventure alone. Yet an outing with a female mutual friend which he bought tickets for, he was proudly displaying it on facebook. She had the stereotypical model appearance (blonde hair, blue eyes, athletic body). 

I felt really sad. But I have to move on. 

It was time to break ties. It wasn't worth it to stay and waste my time.

Monday November 14 will be the day.  

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Learning to appreciate life: simple ritual

A recent INC article by Jessica Stillman really stood out to me.

She is one of the authors I absolutely love reading about. Almost each topic she writes about resonates with me. This one is no different. The article talks about the struggles that as individuals like ourselves experience each day. We all know there's something happening in someone else's life that we know nothing about.

During the rough bumps, we ourselves have the power to overcome them. Sometimes it involves making physical changes, but mostly a simple change in our mindset will be enough.

She references a TEDx talk about a speaker who has gone through almost every worst situation possible, back to back. (I encourage you to have a read- link to article below) Normally a person would not be able to go through them without pain/suicidal thoughts. But the brave soul came through using a simple ritual.


Everyday soon after you wake up & right before you go to bed, take a few minutes to complete these sentences:

  • Today I am grateful for...
  • Today I helped someone by...
  • Something that made me happy today...
  • Today I learned...
  • Tomorrow I will...

(If you cannot complete all, its alright. You can always build on completing one more each day)

I hope to do this on my instagram starting Monday. Time to do some brainstorming!

Check out the article here.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

TEDxGastownWomen Event

October/November has been a few busy weeks for me!

2016 marks the 2nd year at organizing (volunteer) at TEDxGastownWomen event! There has been so many changes since we've started last year. 

Some of my personal changes include:
  • transitioning from taking care of social media & sponsorship to volunteers & registration
  • less hands-on at getting the ball rolling due to my car accident at the beginning of the year
  • more focused on recovery, shifts in schedule towards physiotherapy, volleyball, and other exercises
  • introduced Joann/Emma to the team with her expertise in social media/marketing management
A few event changes include:
  • a few folks from the organizing team last year has passed on 
  • new members have joined the team
  • arrangement of responsibilities have changed slightly as well
  • larger venue to accommodate more attendees

The event was a success! We had over 300 attendees, and have integrated live-stream this year. Which opens doors for more folks who didn't get tickets but want to take part. Large engagement via different social media channels. We couldn't have done it without a strong team of keeners, making it happen!

Photos to the TEDxGastownWomen event can be found HERE