Friday, September 2, 2016

My week-long camping trip (June)

The last couple of months has been a breakthrough for me. I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and went exploring quite a bit since I quite my previous job. Mainly because my back wasn’t feeling well with lengthy sitting and the work environment I was in.

Call center is a place for developing phone skills and experience working digitally in a big organization. They shouldn’t be the end of many people’s career, but more for growth and development. I’ve learned a lot servicing different types of customers. For the organization I worked in, there was no selling required. We only provided the services on an as-needed basis.

I quit my job early June. Best decision I’ve made.

So I went exploring with my travel buddy, who happens to be off on the same week. We drove to the interior and went on a week-long camping trip. June wasn’t the best month with the ongoing gloomy, wet weather.

From Vancouver to Hope, and we took Highway 3 and made stops along Princeton, Osoyoos, Oliver, Penticton, Summerland, Kelowna & back.

Along the way, we camped at Manning Park, went through the wine tasting route on Osoyoos/Oliver. The rain decided to make its appearance so we stayed at coast hotel in Osoyoos. The hotel had an amazing beach access and a huge water slide in their swimming pool. The wet weather continued to follow us to Summerland. I managed to persuade my partner in crime to camp in the pouring rain. A good thing was there’s many spots to choose from! We had to use our creativity in securing the tarp to avoid our tent from getting rained out.

After one night, we left the wonderful campground and went on our way to Penticton. We went on the same weekend as the bridges tournament. Thus most hotels were booked along the water. Without the spectacular water view, we decided to stay at the Ramada. Surprisingly the cost of a hotel room with 2 king beds was cheaper than one with only 1 king bed. Very spacious with an elegant bathroom. If only their pool/hot tub wasn’t outdoors, it would’ve been perfect. One thing about the Ramada was that their breakfast buffet didn’t’ include BEVERAGES. That was a huge turnoff for me. Did they expect people to stay hydrated with food?!?! It was a ridiculous idea to separate the 2, in my opinion.

Then we drove to Kelowna with our flip flops soaked in water from the downpour. My buddy was officially all rained out. We decided to head home. Along the way, we stopped by a few campsites and the Kentucky-alley campground stood out the most.

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