Friday, September 9, 2016

First Summer weekend in Whistler 2016

I was hesitant, but said yes anyways.

This is the second time stepping out of my comfort zone since my camping trip. It was a last minute call from a volleyball friend of mine who needed an extra player for the TFC tournament.

And so I went...

Didn't play to my full potential due to the back injuries. We got eliminated soon after round robin. Which was great because the rain started to downpour. As it was a grass tournament, the field was extremely slippery and dangerous.

It was a fun weekend, met a few new folks. One whose birth month and day was exactly the same as mine. Rarely do they happen, but seems like I've met over 5 friends who share the exact same birthdate in the volleyball community!

On the morning of, we decided to go with the good old tradition of visiting the watershed grill in Squamish. It has a very nice hipster vibe overseeing the large flowing river. Every once in a while there will be people paddling canoes or attempting to do river rafting.

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