Friday, April 8, 2016

Name Change: Its an Asian thing. Step 1

Back when I was young... I came to Canada knowing little English. In my hometown, we used a Chinese name. English name had a pretentious significance. It usually meant the person was well educated or knowledgeable about the language.

After meeting the principal, they said all students has to have an English name. So my mom thought of a name. On the spot. It wasn't on any of my legal documents, only used as a spoken nickname.

20 years later, I decided to add it back to the legal documents. The discrepancy with some documents having an English & others with the Chinese pronunciation brought confusion to many. Here's what I had to go through to have all documents revised:

Step 1: Initial Application

Notary Public to certify citizenship card: $50.40
Submitting the application to Vital Statistics: $137
Commissionaries to have fingerprint services & criminal record check: $77.50

Total: $264.90

My name change certificate has arrived.

The next step: Amending all documentation.

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