Monday, February 1, 2016

January Happenings: My first car accident. Ever.

Unforgettable January 2016, especially on the 20th. 

It was a dark, Wednesday night during rush hour when it happened. A green van coming at high speed (80KM+) past an intersection where I was about to make a left turn. It came out of nowhere and crashed right on my passenger side. He didn't slam on the brakes and came right at me. My car flipped and dragged all the way from the intersection to the street I was turning into, before coming to a complete stop. 

It was the most terrifying moment of my life. A bone fracture in my neck and I could've been dead.

I was panting and soon wanting to fall asleep from exhaustion. A number of passerbys keep talking to me. The ambulance & fire truck came. They had to cut open the windshield to rescue me. 

Mr. C.T. (police) didn't ask much about my point of view while I was in the ambulance & left. Spoke with the other vehicle (which happened to be a class 5 driver, older than I). He concludes that based on the environment evidence, I was at fault. Gave me a ticket and left. Whether it was partially based on biased judgement, I won't comment on it. The truth is neither I have the time or money to bring this to court & question his professionalism in the situation. A fact: I was the younger one involved & still a N (for 6+ years). 

What it looked like at the impound.
A week or two after the accident I went to the impound to pick up belongings. 3 of the 4 car doors were smashed to the point that I needed a wrench to open them. The only spot left the way I got in on Wednesday night was the driver's seat. Looks like a guardian angel shielded me from further injuries/damages I could've had. It was a miracle. Hopefully it was the good karma that kept me away from death. 

Whiplash and concussion are the aftermath of the car accident. I have been going to the physio regularly to get treated. Deep tissue problems in the shoulders/back, and slightly rotated parts of the spine/neck. PTSD- will likely hold me back from driving for a few months (at least). 

Slow down, its not a race. Drivers please be cautious when driving on the road.

Most times I have to take into account other driver's reckless driving. In this case, I was in no position to remedy the situation before it became too late. A car can turn into a weapon and take someone's life with just a push on the acceleration.