Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Tweezerman has tools for face & nails too!

Tweezerman is known for its amazing brow tools. They help sculpt your brows with precision and perfection. The tweezer I have is from them and have been using it for years. Loved it since!

They have extended their line of tools for face and nails. They make cute and fun stocking stuffers!

:: Neon Filer ::

The neon nail filer trio makes the perfect gift for the nail addicts. Its neon color makes it visible in the cosmetic drawer and acts as a good decor on your makeup desk. Not to mention the colors help makes the sanding more noticeable. As someone who loves neon color materials, this is my go-to piece.

:: Grip & Snip Spiral Spring Cuticle Nipper ::

The nipper is made from stainless steel. The blue swirly handle design fits the curve of your hand. Making it easy to hold and apply pressure for those tough cuticles. They have also a cover for the sharp metal portion, safe for storage especially with those little ones around. I personally like the weight of the tool, the heaviness makes it easier to hold and use. (As opposed to ones that are too light and can't hold it in place without shaking).

::  Slant tweezer ::

This is similar to the Cuticle Nipper with a sharp edge and both blades touch when clipped together. The hardest in finding a good tweezer is to check if the blades close fully.

:: Shaping brush ::

The last one is the shaping brush. The bristles are very delicate and gentle to the touch on the skin. It can be easily cleaned with baby shampoo. If your man needs something delicate, here's a suggestion ;)

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