Monday, December 28, 2015

Olay Aquaction: Long Lasting Hydration Gel

This product was heavily advertised through Asian media and TV shows.

At first I assumed this was available in the North American market. After doing a search in the local drugstores, I had no luck in finding this. The Olay product that best resembles this was Olay Cream- Sensitive. The cream came in a similar size container with high ratings (provided from a mature audience population).

So I got my friend to buy one from Hong Kong to try it out. I have oil/combination skin thus thick creams will clog my pores and end up with annoying zits. I have tried a number of different creams and moisturizers, but haven't come across one that fits my skin. Possibly because due to the weather in North America, companies produce thicker formula to trap moisture inside the skin during chilly weather.

After the first few nights of applying the moisturizer, it replenishes my skin with watery sensation and highly moisturizing during the cold, dry winter months. I started using it during the fall season. Usually its not as dry but the windy months tend to make my skin dry. I use it as a part of my routine, roughly about 2-3 times per week. Frequent (6-7 times per week) usage for me leads to "white heads". When the white heads appear in certain parts of the face, it can be challenging to remove.

Have you tried this product before? Are there any other ones you find effective?

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