Monday, December 14, 2015

Freebie Mondays: Social Nature

I came across Social Nature while scrolling away on my Instagram one day. Social nature is one of the many companies who specializes in providing the potential market with the opportunity to try new products before they buy. Below are the products I've tried this month:

Happy Water WaterBox 5L

Happy water has really cute packaging. With the need for larger sizes, the 5L waterbox packaging is very durable and user friendly. Its perfect for camping, using it at house parties, and any outdoor events for both summer & winter times! 

With a price tag of $7.19 at London Drugs, it definitely serves the purpose of convenience, functionality, and health. 

GURU Energy Drink

It was one of the hardest energy drinks to spot at the store! I went to IGA, Price Smart Foods, and Esso.

Wasn't able to get try it out till the 2nd coupon which came in the mail with a longer expiry date. 2nd trip I went to Save-on-foods and had to pay $0.15 extra as the coupon didn't cover the full price. I tested the drink out in the morning before I went to play beach volleyball. Then continued my night at a fundraising tournament. The caffeine didn't last me the whole day. I do question the amount that they claimed on the bottle. For the price of $3.59 /can, I would purchase an alternative brand.

The first sip of the drink, it tasted like cough syrup. Not an flavourful taste. Was hard to gulp down the whole can."

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