Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Annabelle madness!

Annabelle is a Montreal cosmetic brand with a number of new products every season. Their products always bring surprises! The smokey nudes is my go-to for work. 
I am absolutely in love with their eyeshadow palette. Its extremely pigmented (both light and dark shades). Whether you're going out at night, or working during the day, you can add the darker shade as the hours go by. This palette is small and compact, fits into almost all cosmetic purses (unless you have a tiny one). It has 10 shades to choose from along with a twin tip brush. The spongy and bristle duo can be used interchangeably. 
The dark colors can be used as eyeliner with a few drops of water. I've incorporated a number of dark colors to build up the smokey effect. Annabelle Eye Ink 2 Liquid Eyeliner Duo was also applied. Would you use it for work or a night out?

Under regular lighting
Under darker lighting

Under white light.

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