Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Trendy accessories for spring: Budget Haul

A year has gone by since my post-secondary BBA graduation. Lucky for me, I landed in a job before my graduation ceremony which provided me with amazing experiences working in a different industry. For any new graduates, transitioning to a new job requires saving up. Whether the money saved is being put towards repaying student loans, saving for a mortgage, investing in a new car, money is always needed! For me, I look towards repaying my student loans as much as I can to be debt free before the interest rate increases.

While I splurge on clothing (nice materials will last from one season to the next), I save on accessories. This includes jewelry, watches, and etc. They bring a nice pop to the monotone clothing pairings. Vancouver has a number of clothing stores with a great selection of jewelry! 

In my last trip, I went to Ardene to find a few accessories for a gatsby-themed party. To my surprise, there is an good selection of jewelry in silver, and gold colors. At low prices! I got some midi rings along with a few long necklaces perfect for work. A benefit to buying inexpensive jewelry is the lack of guilt for losing/ruining them. They can be replaced with new designs every year (or season depending on your reference). 


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