Wednesday, October 21, 2015

My third graveyard shift

Since my first job search, I avoided positions that required graveyard shifts. Mainly because I am not a night owl. It was difficult to extend my bedtime past 10:30PM nowadays after working full-time for over a year. Also, I don't want to be accountable for tasks which I am not capable of providing 100% for.

This is definitely my first exception. One which I am still question if I shall continue. My reasoning behind my current position working at a call center for a commodity organization is I started my co-op here. An industry which I planted my passion on 4 years ago. The only opportunity for me to land in the department I wish to work in is to start in the front line crew. 

This is the third graveyard shift which I have yet to get the hang of. The first 4 hours are bearable. However, 5-7th hour gets really tricky to stay awake. 

For these shifts, some choose to work in this schedule due to the flexibility in the daytime. Perhaps the additional pay does payoff for staying up late. For others, they have no choice.

If you were given the choice, would you want to stay up late to work?

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  1. I'm a night owl, so if it was between a morning shift, or a graveyard shift, I'd probably pick graveyard... Obviously an evening shift is better than overnight, since graveyard shifts totally mess up your schedule for the rest of the world, but yeah... not a morning person! Morning for me is like... 10 or 11! =P