Wednesday, September 30, 2015

May happenings and shenanigans

May has been amazingly busy for me! This all goes back to a commitment I've made on April 1st, in a heartbeat :)

A good friend of mine was organizing the very first TEDxWomen event in Vancouver. After securing the venue and putting together a list of to-dos, she brought together a team of superstars with different skills and expertise to the table. We had an hour-long meeting going through the 10+ things in the agenda, and signing up for different roles. 

Working in a full-time position, I opted for the social media position with 3 other ladies (contributing with my limited availability) and gift bag sponsorship. As the weeks progressed, I leaned towards the sponsorship lead role. The second time doing sponsorship definitely helped me improve my writing skills, managing sponsor's expectations, and coordinating for pickup/dropoff. 

Thus I spent learning about small companies and startups which we can contact for partnership. Some of the companies I've reached out include: Mavi Jeans, Quirky Paper Co., GlossyBox, and Suzanne Rushton Photography are a few to name. 

In putting long hours and weekends to secure sponsors and engagement with the community, the turnout was phenomenal. Watching smiles and laughter from the audience while listening to inspirational stories makes all the hard work worthwhile! Getting to know some of the sponsors was a great experience for me! 

It was amazing to have Langara as one of our Gold sponsors and meet new students!

Some of the amazing donations we've received:

Shipped from Montreal, Quebec!

Quirky Paper Co., from Vancouver, BC.

Noir Lash Lounge, based in Yaletown. 
We hope this will continue next year. Stay Tuned!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Finding treasure in the Dollar Store

One of my favorite places to shop in Vancouver is the dollar store. Dollarama, dollar giant, and dollar tree are 3 big ones which you can find in almost every neighborhood. Most dollar stores have products priced beyond $1. Most of which only pertains as a name of the store, not necessarily what it reflects.

Needless to say, my favorite one is Dollarama!

Different dollarama locations carry its very own set of gems. The ever changing inventory of goods depends on supplier's product offering. Thus you may see different selection of goods on every visit (which also depends on your frequency, of course). Due to the limited quantities to which they order, different locations may carry different set of goodies. In some stores you'll find the "kitchenware" aisle to be filled with "betty cooker" products, perfect for all your baking needs. Or in others, you'll find OPI nail polish colors in the "beauty/cosmetic" section.

This leads to my recent find, to which I have gotten addicted to using lately: Nail stickers!


My second find are the rubber hair elastics! These are perfect for if you want to tie up small batches for a fun hairstyle. The elastics are more durable than those with a glossy surface. However, a downside I find with the elastics is they don't come in 1 color. Additional bobby pins would be used to cover the elastics. Other than that, I have no complains!