Monday, April 6, 2015

Makeup routine: With Glasses

Working full-time, I sit in front of a dual screen computer during the week. Because I am near-sighted, I can take the glasses off when I am at work. It puts less strain on the eyes when your contacts gets dry. 

The main benefit to wearing glasses is they helps frame your eyes. Your eyes then become the center of attention. With a few products, people will have trouble taking their eyes off yours :)

1. Eyeliner/mascara
I have spacious eyelashes. There's not a lot of them which makes me look tired if I went out without makeup. 

L'Oréal real Lineur Intense in Earthen Rock Brown (L803) The eyeliner's packaging is nicely designed with a 2 flat surfaces for a nice, easy grip. The brush tip is extremely soft and delicate, so you won't feel like your eyelids are being touched! It was a great find as I was looking for an eyeliner replacement, with a soft color to make the eyes pop.

Estée Lauder Sumptuous- Bold Volume Lifting Mascara I received their sample a while 
back when I bought one of the makeup sets. Their mascara is long lasting and helps 
hold up Asian lashes very well. This mascara looks very natural after one application. 
For those without defining lashes, I recommend trying out their mascaras.

2. Concealer
With 8 hours of sleep, I still have the occasion dark under eye circles. After wearing 
glasses, the circles gets magnified making the person look more tired than usual. I 
use the following interchangeably during the week, giving my face a refreshed 
feeling from trying different products.

Vasanti- Wonders of the world concealer (Y2) I came across this at the Rexall
beauty consultation of their brand. This is a dual concealer. The darker shade helps 
evens out the dark circles while the lighter shade help cover the annoying
blemishes. This concealer has a more solid texture for maximum coverage.

NARS radiant, creamy concealer (Light 3 Honey) I picked up this from Sephora 
after a friend's recommendation. It has a creamy texture (which I love!) for easy 
application. With the creamy texture, my under eyes feels hydrated after a day's wear.
In addition, NARS concealer comes in a lip gloss tube transparent plastic packaging,
which I find looks very elegant. 

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