Monday, April 13, 2015

Freebie Monday: Bioré Charcoal Products sample pack

Signed up for this sample back after seeing it on a Canadian freebie site a while back. As we all know, blackheads can be our worst nightmare! Its not very healthy to cover up with foundation on a daily basis, and somehow they keep re-appearing if a proper cleaning routine is set in place. 

For me, I seldomly take care of my blackheads as my acne problem becomes the first priority. With Bioré  nose strips, I've heard both good and bad reviews on. A friend of mine uses it every once in a while, it does eliminate the blackheads. But the pores were stretched so you'd see her large pores, even with makeup.

I was curious what would happen to me, so my heart decided to give this a try.

They came in this form after peeling the package off:
Instructions to use the nose strips were to dampen your nose with water so the strip with adhere tightly. Wait 10-15 minutes and peel off when the strip hardens. Here's what it looks like (aftermath):

The peeling process was very dramatic. As the strip was stuck at delicate parts of my nose, I was getting teary from the pain from slowly tearing it off. I wasn't able to determine if those were blackheads or dirt in my pores.... But I am excited to try the Charcoal Bar in the next few weeks!

What's your experience with using nose strips/methods to remove blackheads? Let me know!

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