Friday, March 27, 2015

Why Paul Hudson would be one of your favorite authors too

I came across Elite Daily when friends share & like new articles on facebook. Elite Daily is an online blog comprised of a number of topics which appeals to millennials, with an easy-to-digest content. They are written by the same generations who have been in the same situations at different life stages.

In the beginning, a majority of the authors didn't appeal to me because it was hard to connect on their perspective. Some articles felt like lazy blog posts, ones which little effort was put in to engage the audience. Until last summer, I came across a dating article by Paul Hudson. This article lists a set of qualities an ideal boyfriend have which makes him the perfect man. 

The author's creative, playful, heartfelt writing style is highly alluring. Making it a fun, and easy read.
He writes articles which focuses on dating, sex, motivation, wellness, and entrepreneurship. Lots of inspiring, and uplifting articles during different stages of your life. 

Here's my recent favorite: 

What It Feels Like To Have A Broken Heart And Try To Love Anyway

What's your favorite author?

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