Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Summer time calls for a color change!

Last year, there were big changes in my life. My self-esteem was hitting rock bottom. So I decided to make small tweaks to my appearance to boost confidence bit by bit.

The first thing I wanted to experiment was my hair. With my father's genes, I have coarse, black hair. My hair did not require volumizing products and looked like I have a wig on already! I came across a Youtube guru who introduced a hair dye product that could turn black hair to red/chestnut color! Emily suggests using very light ash blonde, I used the light ash blonde (B1) instead as the color she mentioned isn't available in all drugstores.

Below is the YouTube clip I wanted to share with everyone:

I tried it, here's a before & after photo:


Will update on how I bleach my brows to match my hair color.

Stay Tuned!

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