Saturday, March 14, 2015

2015 Dine-Out Adventures

A new beginning calls for new adventures! 

Each year, Tourism Vancouver organizes an event involving lots of delicious food. Dine-Out Vancouver aims to promote new restaurants as well as a reminder to places we have yet to try. Different restaurants create set $18, $28, $38 three course menus. This year, Dine-out Vancouver took place from January 16th to February 1st, 2015. 

I've chosen the following places:

Yokohama Japanese Restaurant- Stevenston Neighborhood
I came across this restaurant on the Tourism Vancouver website. Not only it wasn't located in Vancouver, but it was at the very edge of Richmond. You can see the water from the street pretty much. This restaurant is located in an alley, so it wasn't easy to find. The set menu they had emphasized on the performance over the quality of food. The food wasn't worth $28. 
Yokohama Entrance.

They used blue flame to burn the salmon on the top. But tasted cold. 
The mango sauce (yellow) was extremely sweet, didn't really match the flavor of the roll. 

They cooked the scallop (on the right) with blue flames but it was cold. 
On the left, there are three layers. The lobster tail (top), fake crab meat mixed with spicy sauce (middle), and white rice (bottom).

Library Square Public House- 300 W. Georgia Street, Vancouver BC
I've been to the library square a few times, mainly there for drinks with a few friends. Their 90s friday night is worth checking out. Going back to their food, they aren't usually known for food but more so on the atmosphere and selection of drinks. I went with a group of business school friends and notice they have a dine-out menus, for $18, their quality was beyond amazing.  

Starter: Raw tuna in the middle with crispy outer shell. 
The contrast in texture extraordinary! 

Entree: Pull-pork sandwich with Fries. 
The Fries was salty and crispy. The pull-pork was very juicy and filling. 

Dessert: Cheesecake with Raspberry sauce.
It tastes as if they made it in house. 
The texture was very soft and didn't taste overly "cheesy".

Next year's Dine-out Vancouver is on January 15th-January 31st, 2015. 
Be sure to check it out!

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