Thursday, February 26, 2015

2015 marks the New Year, with New Beginnings.

I missed my blog! After looking in the immense amount of pictures in my cell phone, I decided to pick up my slack. To start my 2015 journey in recording little adventures towards another amazing year. 

First, I like to share my biggest milestone that happen in the last few months... 

Career Change

The biggest change was my career transition which happened on New Years Eve. This all started with a little trigger, a little spark. Soon after, I created a goal for myself: to send out 3 cover letters per day. Some days were more productive than others, depending on the amount of ideal job openings. 

Always strive to find a more challenging job, one to which you can build your experience on. Never find a "boring" job, to be an overqualified candidate in. In the end, job hopping may become the reality before the seat gets warm.

In two week's time, I had 2 phone interviews and 2 in-person interviews. Phone interviews were easy because you can scheduling them during the coffee break (for those who work). In-person interview became more challenging as I worked from 7:30PM-4:30PM. Thankfully the company who hired me provided an exception to schedule for 5PM (their office hours are from 8:30AM-5:00PM). Thus I had just enough time to commute if I got off 15 minutes early!

After a round of interviews, I was hired. Making a much needed transition from a marketing company which specialized in lead generation to a market research company.

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