Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Annabelle madness!

Annabelle is a Montreal cosmetic brand with a number of new products every season. Their products always bring surprises! The smokey nudes is my go-to for work. 
I am absolutely in love with their eyeshadow palette. Its extremely pigmented (both light and dark shades). Whether you're going out at night, or working during the day, you can add the darker shade as the hours go by. This palette is small and compact, fits into almost all cosmetic purses (unless you have a tiny one). It has 10 shades to choose from along with a twin tip brush. The spongy and bristle duo can be used interchangeably. 
The dark colors can be used as eyeliner with a few drops of water. I've incorporated a number of dark colors to build up the smokey effect. Annabelle Eye Ink 2 Liquid Eyeliner Duo was also applied. Would you use it for work or a night out?

Under regular lighting
Under darker lighting

Under white light.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Olay Aquaction: Long Lasting Hydration Gel

This product was heavily advertised through Asian media and TV shows.

At first I assumed this was available in the North American market. After doing a search in the local drugstores, I had no luck in finding this. The Olay product that best resembles this was Olay Cream- Sensitive. The cream came in a similar size container with high ratings (provided from a mature audience population).

So I got my friend to buy one from Hong Kong to try it out. I have oil/combination skin thus thick creams will clog my pores and end up with annoying zits. I have tried a number of different creams and moisturizers, but haven't come across one that fits my skin. Possibly because due to the weather in North America, companies produce thicker formula to trap moisture inside the skin during chilly weather.

After the first few nights of applying the moisturizer, it replenishes my skin with watery sensation and highly moisturizing during the cold, dry winter months. I started using it during the fall season. Usually its not as dry but the windy months tend to make my skin dry. I use it as a part of my routine, roughly about 2-3 times per week. Frequent (6-7 times per week) usage for me leads to "white heads". When the white heads appear in certain parts of the face, it can be challenging to remove.

Have you tried this product before? Are there any other ones you find effective?

Saturday, December 26, 2015

2015 Holiday Makeup!

Christmas is almost here! Its a season of endless parties, dinners, and wonderful get togethers. Its the perfect time to glam up, look pretty, and kiss under the mistletoe <3

Products I've used to obtain the holiday look

Eyeshadow . NYX: Lovers in Florence . Urban Decay BASICS
Eyeliner . L'OREAL Paris Carbon Black Lineur Intense- Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner
Mascara . Make Up For Ever: Smoky Extravagant

Primer . Urban Decay Complexion Primer Potion & All Nighter Setting Spray
Foundation . RIMMEL Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation: 200 Soft Beige
Powder . RIMMEL Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder

Before Makeup

After Makeup
Eye Shadow

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Gatherings!


Christmas is my favorite time of the year! 

Lots of get together with friends and having a blast. This year, I volunteered my friend's place to organize a Christmas dinner. I made mash potatoes for the first time. Its surprising how many additional things go into the dish itself. We had turkey, cheese & crackers, lots of alcohol, and yummy desserts. Definitely a night to remember!

In another gathering.. we had white elephant! Food is a must in any party. It was Charles' birthday so we celebrated altogether. We had pool, ping pong, and played poker for the first time. Of course, I was the first one out :)



Monday, December 14, 2015

Freebie Mondays: Social Nature

I came across Social Nature while scrolling away on my Instagram one day. Social nature is one of the many companies who specializes in providing the potential market with the opportunity to try new products before they buy. Below are the products I've tried this month:

Happy Water WaterBox 5L

Happy water has really cute packaging. With the need for larger sizes, the 5L waterbox packaging is very durable and user friendly. Its perfect for camping, using it at house parties, and any outdoor events for both summer & winter times! 

With a price tag of $7.19 at London Drugs, it definitely serves the purpose of convenience, functionality, and health. 

GURU Energy Drink

It was one of the hardest energy drinks to spot at the store! I went to IGA, Price Smart Foods, and Esso.

Wasn't able to get try it out till the 2nd coupon which came in the mail with a longer expiry date. 2nd trip I went to Save-on-foods and had to pay $0.15 extra as the coupon didn't cover the full price. I tested the drink out in the morning before I went to play beach volleyball. Then continued my night at a fundraising tournament. The caffeine didn't last me the whole day. I do question the amount that they claimed on the bottle. For the price of $3.59 /can, I would purchase an alternative brand.

The first sip of the drink, it tasted like cough syrup. Not an flavourful taste. Was hard to gulp down the whole can."

Friday, December 11, 2015

Favorite Lotion: Jergens Green Tea

One of my favourite scents: Green Tea

This time of the year, Jergens has produced a new product that allows moisturizer to be applied on wet skin. The new formula will blend with water when your skin is most receptive to moisture. I did an experiment and tested it for 2 week's time after every wash. My skin feels smoother when compared to using the regular lotion (after drying my skin off). 

Jergens has produced 2 new scents for this line of moisturizer. They come in green tea oil & coconut oil selections. I've chosen the green tea oil as my go-to flavour. Its not a particularly strong smell once applied to skin, which is ideal. This allows you to apply perfume without the concern of overpowering the smell. The texture itself is not a thick mixture, making it easy to blend in with the water and thus absorbs into skin quickly. 

Its a good value for the size, lasting for the whole winter. Have you gotten yours yet?

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Tweezerman has tools for face & nails too!

Tweezerman is known for its amazing brow tools. They help sculpt your brows with precision and perfection. The tweezer I have is from them and have been using it for years. Loved it since!

They have extended their line of tools for face and nails. They make cute and fun stocking stuffers!

:: Neon Filer ::

The neon nail filer trio makes the perfect gift for the nail addicts. Its neon color makes it visible in the cosmetic drawer and acts as a good decor on your makeup desk. Not to mention the colors help makes the sanding more noticeable. As someone who loves neon color materials, this is my go-to piece.

:: Grip & Snip Spiral Spring Cuticle Nipper ::

The nipper is made from stainless steel. The blue swirly handle design fits the curve of your hand. Making it easy to hold and apply pressure for those tough cuticles. They have also a cover for the sharp metal portion, safe for storage especially with those little ones around. I personally like the weight of the tool, the heaviness makes it easier to hold and use. (As opposed to ones that are too light and can't hold it in place without shaking).

::  Slant tweezer ::

This is similar to the Cuticle Nipper with a sharp edge and both blades touch when clipped together. The hardest in finding a good tweezer is to check if the blades close fully.

:: Shaping brush ::

The last one is the shaping brush. The bristles are very delicate and gentle to the touch on the skin. It can be easily cleaned with baby shampoo. If your man needs something delicate, here's a suggestion ;)

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Trendy accessories for spring: Budget Haul

A year has gone by since my post-secondary BBA graduation. Lucky for me, I landed in a job before my graduation ceremony which provided me with amazing experiences working in a different industry. For any new graduates, transitioning to a new job requires saving up. Whether the money saved is being put towards repaying student loans, saving for a mortgage, investing in a new car, money is always needed! For me, I look towards repaying my student loans as much as I can to be debt free before the interest rate increases.

While I splurge on clothing (nice materials will last from one season to the next), I save on accessories. This includes jewelry, watches, and etc. They bring a nice pop to the monotone clothing pairings. Vancouver has a number of clothing stores with a great selection of jewelry! 

In my last trip, I went to Ardene to find a few accessories for a gatsby-themed party. To my surprise, there is an good selection of jewelry in silver, and gold colors. At low prices! I got some midi rings along with a few long necklaces perfect for work. A benefit to buying inexpensive jewelry is the lack of guilt for losing/ruining them. They can be replaced with new designs every year (or season depending on your reference). 


Friday, October 30, 2015

NYX Fall Collection

From top left to bottom right: Highlight & Contour Stick, NYX Color Correcting Concealer, NYX Lip Top Coat V'amped Up!, NYX High Voltage Lipstick, Eye Shadow Base, and NYX Prismatic Eye Shadow.
NYX has been one of my favorite drugstore brands because they have new products almost every season! This fall, they focus on highlighting/concealing aspects. This is a little different than last year when they had the eye shadow palette with natural colors (ie. brown, black). 

My favorite in this collection is the High Voltage Lipstick. The bright, nourishing lipstick doesn't dry out my lips. In addition, the color just transfer enough to things such as cups. So its a cute little lip mark when you drink coffee <3

The eye shadow base is my second favorite because I have a fairly oily eye lids. 

Each summer my discoloration gets worse as I spend 2-3 days a week in the bright sun playing volleyball. I will be showing a before and after photo when I use the wonderstick & concealer for my halloween makeup. Stay tuned for update! 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Fall Nails

On a clear October night I was looking out the starry sky & decided it was time for a change.

I started with Essie's nail polish which makes the nail stronger as a base coat. Then I proceeded with Revlon's fall collection.

Revlon's new gel envy line has amazing, pigmented colors. My favorite is Wild Card (440)! The glossy royal blue color is rich and full in just 1 simple coat.  

Then I added the cosmic flakes, extra sparkly glitter pieces towards the tip of the nail to give it a glam.

Ending with a glossy diamond top coat (010). 

What's your favorite color from the Revlon collection? 


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

My third graveyard shift

Since my first job search, I avoided positions that required graveyard shifts. Mainly because I am not a night owl. It was difficult to extend my bedtime past 10:30PM nowadays after working full-time for over a year. Also, I don't want to be accountable for tasks which I am not capable of providing 100% for.

This is definitely my first exception. One which I am still question if I shall continue. My reasoning behind my current position working at a call center for a commodity organization is I started my co-op here. An industry which I planted my passion on 4 years ago. The only opportunity for me to land in the department I wish to work in is to start in the front line crew. 

This is the third graveyard shift which I have yet to get the hang of. The first 4 hours are bearable. However, 5-7th hour gets really tricky to stay awake. 

For these shifts, some choose to work in this schedule due to the flexibility in the daytime. Perhaps the additional pay does payoff for staying up late. For others, they have no choice.

If you were given the choice, would you want to stay up late to work?

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

May happenings and shenanigans

May has been amazingly busy for me! This all goes back to a commitment I've made on April 1st, in a heartbeat :)

A good friend of mine was organizing the very first TEDxWomen event in Vancouver. After securing the venue and putting together a list of to-dos, she brought together a team of superstars with different skills and expertise to the table. We had an hour-long meeting going through the 10+ things in the agenda, and signing up for different roles. 

Working in a full-time position, I opted for the social media position with 3 other ladies (contributing with my limited availability) and gift bag sponsorship. As the weeks progressed, I leaned towards the sponsorship lead role. The second time doing sponsorship definitely helped me improve my writing skills, managing sponsor's expectations, and coordinating for pickup/dropoff. 

Thus I spent learning about small companies and startups which we can contact for partnership. Some of the companies I've reached out include: Mavi Jeans, Quirky Paper Co., GlossyBox, and Suzanne Rushton Photography are a few to name. 

In putting long hours and weekends to secure sponsors and engagement with the community, the turnout was phenomenal. Watching smiles and laughter from the audience while listening to inspirational stories makes all the hard work worthwhile! Getting to know some of the sponsors was a great experience for me! 

It was amazing to have Langara as one of our Gold sponsors and meet new students!

Some of the amazing donations we've received:

Shipped from Montreal, Quebec!

Quirky Paper Co., from Vancouver, BC.

Noir Lash Lounge, based in Yaletown. 
We hope this will continue next year. Stay Tuned!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Finding treasure in the Dollar Store

One of my favorite places to shop in Vancouver is the dollar store. Dollarama, dollar giant, and dollar tree are 3 big ones which you can find in almost every neighborhood. Most dollar stores have products priced beyond $1. Most of which only pertains as a name of the store, not necessarily what it reflects.

Needless to say, my favorite one is Dollarama!

Different dollarama locations carry its very own set of gems. The ever changing inventory of goods depends on supplier's product offering. Thus you may see different selection of goods on every visit (which also depends on your frequency, of course). Due to the limited quantities to which they order, different locations may carry different set of goodies. In some stores you'll find the "kitchenware" aisle to be filled with "betty cooker" products, perfect for all your baking needs. Or in others, you'll find OPI nail polish colors in the "beauty/cosmetic" section.

This leads to my recent find, to which I have gotten addicted to using lately: Nail stickers!


My second find are the rubber hair elastics! These are perfect for if you want to tie up small batches for a fun hairstyle. The elastics are more durable than those with a glossy surface. However, a downside I find with the elastics is they don't come in 1 color. Additional bobby pins would be used to cover the elastics. Other than that, I have no complains!

Friday, April 17, 2015

The definition of Gigi

When I meet someone new in Vancouver, they would tell me what "Gigi" means in their language. Because Gigi is an uncommon name, its interesting to hear the different definitions with different culture.

So I compiled a list of the language variations from my friends:

Turkish: In turkey this means "grandmother". The closest pronunciation is "cici". 
Japanese: It is a disrespectful way of calling your "grandfather". They spell it as JiJi. 
Ukrainian: Grandpa
French: Pure

What does your name mean? 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Freebie Monday: Bioré Charcoal Products sample pack

Signed up for this sample back after seeing it on a Canadian freebie site a while back. As we all know, blackheads can be our worst nightmare! Its not very healthy to cover up with foundation on a daily basis, and somehow they keep re-appearing if a proper cleaning routine is set in place. 

For me, I seldomly take care of my blackheads as my acne problem becomes the first priority. With Bioré  nose strips, I've heard both good and bad reviews on. A friend of mine uses it every once in a while, it does eliminate the blackheads. But the pores were stretched so you'd see her large pores, even with makeup.

I was curious what would happen to me, so my heart decided to give this a try.

They came in this form after peeling the package off:
Instructions to use the nose strips were to dampen your nose with water so the strip with adhere tightly. Wait 10-15 minutes and peel off when the strip hardens. Here's what it looks like (aftermath):

The peeling process was very dramatic. As the strip was stuck at delicate parts of my nose, I was getting teary from the pain from slowly tearing it off. I wasn't able to determine if those were blackheads or dirt in my pores.... But I am excited to try the Charcoal Bar in the next few weeks!

What's your experience with using nose strips/methods to remove blackheads? Let me know!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Lise Watier Beauty Haul

My first Lise Watier beauty haul! I am super excited to share with you some of the products I purchased from their flash sale recently.

I was introduced to their brand & products roughly 2 years ago. Depending on the season, I find their fall collection to be more suitable for my Asian facial features. Mainly because they have more neutral tones, as opposed to more vibrant & colorful palettes as released in the spring. 

1. Lise Watier 24 hours Gel Liner (Made in France) $9

Seems like a gel liner that has been off the market after the flash sale. The gel liner is easy to apply, and does stay on during a regular 8 hour work day. (Given you don't rub your eyes during the day) Amazingly, the matte finish enhances the eyes, giving a more glamorous appearance. 

2. Lise Watier Mineral Loose Powder- Neutral (Made in Canada) $9

Originally priced at $24, the loose powder helps set the foundation for a flawless look. It comes with a convenient fluffy sponge at the cap of the container. Making it easy to bring when travelling. I have yet to try this (as I haven't worn liquid foundation recently with breakouts). But can't wait to try them next week!

3. Lise Watier Quatuor Imagine Eyeshadow Quartet (Made in Italy) $9

Originally priced at around $33, the eyeshadow palette comes with a small sponge applicator. This palette emphasize on nature colors, which can be seen on the cover of the case, a beautiful sunset sky. With a hint of water on a eyeliner brush, the dark colors can be used as a eyeliner & eyeshadow interchangeably. They provide instructions on achieving a natural vs. sophisticated look.

In addition to the products ordered, they also included two samples:

A Pore Minimizing Primer & Skincare anti-aging product

Question for you: What is your favorite product from Lise Watier?

Monday, April 6, 2015

Makeup routine: With Glasses

Working full-time, I sit in front of a dual screen computer during the week. Because I am near-sighted, I can take the glasses off when I am at work. It puts less strain on the eyes when your contacts gets dry. 

The main benefit to wearing glasses is they helps frame your eyes. Your eyes then become the center of attention. With a few products, people will have trouble taking their eyes off yours :)

1. Eyeliner/mascara
I have spacious eyelashes. There's not a lot of them which makes me look tired if I went out without makeup. 

L'Oréal real Lineur Intense in Earthen Rock Brown (L803) The eyeliner's packaging is nicely designed with a 2 flat surfaces for a nice, easy grip. The brush tip is extremely soft and delicate, so you won't feel like your eyelids are being touched! It was a great find as I was looking for an eyeliner replacement, with a soft color to make the eyes pop.

Estée Lauder Sumptuous- Bold Volume Lifting Mascara I received their sample a while 
back when I bought one of the makeup sets. Their mascara is long lasting and helps 
hold up Asian lashes very well. This mascara looks very natural after one application. 
For those without defining lashes, I recommend trying out their mascaras.

2. Concealer
With 8 hours of sleep, I still have the occasion dark under eye circles. After wearing 
glasses, the circles gets magnified making the person look more tired than usual. I 
use the following interchangeably during the week, giving my face a refreshed 
feeling from trying different products.

Vasanti- Wonders of the world concealer (Y2) I came across this at the Rexall
beauty consultation of their brand. This is a dual concealer. The darker shade helps 
evens out the dark circles while the lighter shade help cover the annoying
blemishes. This concealer has a more solid texture for maximum coverage.

NARS radiant, creamy concealer (Light 3 Honey) I picked up this from Sephora 
after a friend's recommendation. It has a creamy texture (which I love!) for easy 
application. With the creamy texture, my under eyes feels hydrated after a day's wear.
In addition, NARS concealer comes in a lip gloss tube transparent plastic packaging,
which I find looks very elegant. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Why Paul Hudson would be one of your favorite authors too

I came across Elite Daily when friends share & like new articles on facebook. Elite Daily is an online blog comprised of a number of topics which appeals to millennials, with an easy-to-digest content. They are written by the same generations who have been in the same situations at different life stages.

In the beginning, a majority of the authors didn't appeal to me because it was hard to connect on their perspective. Some articles felt like lazy blog posts, ones which little effort was put in to engage the audience. Until last summer, I came across a dating article by Paul Hudson. This article lists a set of qualities an ideal boyfriend have which makes him the perfect man. 

The author's creative, playful, heartfelt writing style is highly alluring. Making it a fun, and easy read.
He writes articles which focuses on dating, sex, motivation, wellness, and entrepreneurship. Lots of inspiring, and uplifting articles during different stages of your life. 

Here's my recent favorite: 

What It Feels Like To Have A Broken Heart And Try To Love Anyway

What's your favorite author?

Monday, March 23, 2015

Freebie Mondays: Winsor & Newton Color Marker

My mom has recently been obsessed with creating art. She has over 20 canvas worth of art, some of which got repainted because there was no more room for more canvases to store... 

Not too long ago, I saw a free sample opportunity from Winsor & Newton for a color marker. Thinking maybe getting her with painting on paper... that it will save some space in our house. So! I decided to request one for her to try.

Let's hope she'll fall in love with color markers ;)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Summer time calls for a color change!

Last year, there were big changes in my life. My self-esteem was hitting rock bottom. So I decided to make small tweaks to my appearance to boost confidence bit by bit.

The first thing I wanted to experiment was my hair. With my father's genes, I have coarse, black hair. My hair did not require volumizing products and looked like I have a wig on already! I came across a Youtube guru who introduced a hair dye product that could turn black hair to red/chestnut color! Emily suggests using very light ash blonde, I used the light ash blonde (B1) instead as the color she mentioned isn't available in all drugstores.

Below is the YouTube clip I wanted to share with everyone:

I tried it, here's a before & after photo:


Will update on how I bleach my brows to match my hair color.

Stay Tuned!