Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The best time for putting on Nail Polish

Which day of the week, time of the day do you put on your nail polish?

I like to put on nail polish at home because visiting a nail bar will take a while with transportation and such. Also, the reality that you get watched by passerby can get a little intimidating. Painting nail polish has its perks because you can take a break from doing chores at home for a fun little task. 

For years I have struggled to have the perfect shine on my nails because I tend to paint them before going to bed. As I sleep, my nails get all sorts of patterns stamped on while moving my hand around. By the time morning hits, the top coat becomes matte with annoying scratches. With the new job I have recently, waking up early has become a routine thing. On weekends, I tend to wake up before everyone in the house does (around 7AM on a Saturday morning). Its the perfect time to paint nails because you won't be going back to bed (hopefully), and while you lie on the desk afterwards, there will be plenty of time to dry. 

In addition, I find essie top-coat nail polish is formulated with a fast-drying ingredient which works really well. Its definitely worth trying out! 

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  1. I love Out The Door topcoat by INM (Ithink...) It's a little pricey in Canada (only $11... but like 5 bucks in the states), but you can get giant refill bottles on either amazon or ebay for great prices. I might have to check out the Essie one though, as I'm becoming a bit of an Essie fangirl... >_> Their Millionails nail strengthener is just as good or better than OPI's Nail Envy and half the price! :P