Thursday, July 10, 2014

Beauty find at Sephora: Pencil Sharpener

I am a big fan of eyeliners because they make your eyes pop, especially after a late night out. For me, pencil rules over liquid eyeliner for the most natural look. But its difficult to find a good pencil sharpener for all kinds, including the "waxy type" of waterproof eyeliner.

After doing some research online, I found a pencil sharpener from Sephora with good reviews. House brands are known for their high quality as they compete with designer brands. A common saying is that "prestige" brands have better quality because they stand at a higher-price range. However, to my  knowledge, a portion of their profit goes back to marketing. This means exposing their brand more to gain more market share. 

Business school aside, a $3 pencil sharpener is worth the risk for trying it out. Sephora has a number of different types of pencil sharpeners: duo-pack for big and small, and mine which comes with dual protective covering. The one I purchased came with a plastic covering, ensuring its new. 

- protective shell: good for storing in makeup bags
- sharp: can use with waxy type eyeliner
- square-shaped: can fit into spaces easily 
- inexpensive

- only one color available
- storage with multiple can take up more space
- plastic shell will break after removing residue with prolong use

Note: This was bought using my own money, in no way affiliated with any company. This is written with personal insights and were not altered in any way.

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