Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sun Screen Essentials

Lately we've been experiencing some sunny, hot weather in Vancouver. Its time to absorb some Vitamin D and get some nice tans. For a number of locals, weekends consist of going to the beach with friends. But of course, long hours of volleyball action.

SUNSCREEN is a must if you are planning to spend time at the beach for two reasons.

You wanna get a nice, even tan. Some people wear a short-sleeve shirt to protect some parts of their body, and ends the night with a burning farmer's tan. Once you achieve this kind of tan, it stays with you for the summer. To avoid only using clothing for sun protection, invest in sunscreen. Its worth it.

The severe case of forgetting to apply & re-applying sunscreen. This is very common, especially when you're having a great time with friends. Take a few minutes in between conversations or sports to re-apply sunscreen. The sunscreen wears off easily when you sweat, under the sun. If a few minutes of applying sunscreen can avoid burning showers and peeling skin, why not?

Here are my essentials:


I came across this product while looking in for a decent sunscreen that can be used for going out during the daytime, not for sports. They had many good reviews so I got one to try it out. This sunscreen has the benefit of little shininess while blending in with your skin color (a shade lighter). After using it for a few weeks, my face has gotten only a shade darker. Pretty impressive product as I like to spend time at the beach often.

From London Drugs

This is my go-to product when I go tanning/ spending time under the sun. The sunscreen has a sheer feeling, not as heavy with the same amount of coverage. In addition, it doesn't make the skin look shiny with excess oil. But the sunscreen does go on your clothing when you wipe sweat onto your shirt. However, it doesn't stain after a quick wash. Regardless of SPF 110, I reapply it every hour to reduce the chance of sunburn. Highly Recommended.

From London Drugs
Lastly, we can't forget the largest surface area, the body. I like to use a sunscreen spray because it is convenient and easy to apply/carry around. But with a spray, uneven distribution of sunscreen can result in spot tan. In addition, the spray can be used up in just one summer.

* I usually get my products when they're on sale at drugstores. Recently London Drugs are having some great deals on sunscreen. As for the sasatinne face sunscreen, I had a friend get it for me from HK as they didn't have the online shopping option back then.*

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