Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Canadian Long weekend Madness at the Outlet!

The 9-day Alaska cruise trip ended with 3 hour visit to the Seattle Premium Outlet. Surprisingly, there were a few stores with amazing discounts on a Canadian holiday (Victoria Weekend). As our ship arrived a little early at Seattle port, we were able to retrieve our luggage before 9:30AM. By the time we got to the Outlet, it was only 11AM, an hour after it opened on Friday. YAY!

Stores were still empty, perfect for shopping =)

Kate Spade NY have officially opened! Its one of my favorite brands. Seeing many shoppers wearing large shopping bags signify a great sale going on. As they are clearing out their collection from a summer or two ago, selected bags are 50% off. What's more, you get an additional 20% as well! I got a classic style black bag, with the option of wearing it on your shoulder or resting on your forearm. The next one I got was a turquoise/mint color mini shoulder bag with a metal turning knob opening.



Next, we stopped at GAP. I walk in on the rare occasion. This is one of them. To my surprise, they have quite a bit of things on sale. $50 for two zip-up hoodies, and found a number of clearance long sleeve t-shirts, perfect for volleyball in colder weather! They were $2 each, from $15+. 

Last we stopped at The North Face. I never shop there because they don't have the most amazing discounts. On top of that, their selection of colors and styles are very limited. Its not a store worth walking out of the maze for. But mom needed a light jacket, but enough to keep warm. So we went in. The first sale associate, Sarah, didn't feel like she wanted to serve us. No smile, and speaking with an attitude like we were her subordinates. It was an instant red flag for me, bad customer service. Especially when we are looking at pretty pricey products. When we required another assistance, she was on the other side of the store. There's NO WAY she can hear me, even if I yelled. Another associate was there, Tanya. She was a chubby, super friendly woman. She called to check if there were stock at the back room. Then when we brought up the issue of a defect on the item, she consulted with the manager for a discount. Best of all, she talked with a smile and not like an authoritative figure. There was no other personnel available to ring transaction so Sarah did it for us. We explained about the discount and her expression seemed like we were lying. After she rang the transaction, I realized she put her name as the woman that helped us. My personal thought was: This is what a pretty face can get you. You don't need to be good at what you do, just need to be a good stuck up and its smooth sail in your career. Will I shop there again? NO. Will I recommend it to someone else? DEFINITELY NOT. I hope other shoppers will not feel like they've been mistreated. Its the worst feeling after spending a load of money, and not feel happy. 

Two other stores that caught my eye were Juicy Couture with 50% off "almost" everything in store, and the new Swarovski store with good discounts on selected merchandise. I've gotten quite a bit of Jewelry from Juicy that I could wear. So I didn't get anything there this time around.

The Seattle Premium Outlet is the perfect place to purchase brand name at decent price cuts. Clothing-wise, its not the most ideal place to buy common colors (ie. black, royal blue). But for handbags, accessories, and gifts, its definitely worth a drive from Vancouver. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Secret Santa, you are too AWESOME!

Like many of you, I am super happy when I see the mail carrier come to my house. One, someone from afar was thinking of you and sent you their thoughts. Two, they took the time to pick out and ship it to you. 

Today was this kind of day.

My Make Up Exchange
Ms. reddit santa had a few problems, went through a few bumps to send me the gift. The determination she had is greatly appreciated! I knew if it were me, I'll probably give up halfway. (bad habit) After the company SEPHORA screwed up my address a couple of times, my secret santa took it into her own hands and entered the label herself. (AWESOME)

I cannot express how much I am thankful to be matched with Penny. It is the sweetest gift possible. Most of my makeup products are from the drugstore because its two blocks away from my house. Plus I like to see the physical product before purchase, so I prefer to visit a store and take my time. Ok, so here's a few things in a nutshell:


- Urban Decay: Naked Basics Palette
- Bobbi Brown: Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner Caviar Ink
- Urban Decay: de-slick Makeup Setting Spray
- Classic Precision Liner Brush #92

Samples (love them!!!)
- Benefit: They're REAL mascara
-Make-up For Ever HD Pressed Powder
-Smashbox Full Exposure Palette 
-Tory Burch Fragrance
-Amazing Cosmetics Concealer
-Katy Perry Killer Queen Fragrance

I look forward to trying them out!! 

Tie Exchange

Package the size of my pillow.

Novelty Tie!

I was BEYOND surprised when I received the package in the mail. It was the size of my PILLOW! Super shocked to see what's inside. For all I know, someone could be pulling a prank on me. But the novelty tie is very comical and adorable! Its a pixelated tie. Perfect for some crazy costume party! Oh, and also for fun tie fridays :)

I am also on Reddit and /r/asianbeauty!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

I can't live without...


1. Perfect accessory: doesn't smudge, won't come off, can wear for a week.

2. YOU. can stare at it all day, when bored.

3. Shows people you're detail-oriented. (if you put fancy sticker designs)

4. Lets others know your "feminine side"

5. Compliments. Something people can start the conversation on.