Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Secret Santa: I am back.

About a few years back, a friend of mine told me about a forum that had EVERY topic you'd imagine people talking about... reddit.

The first time I joined a reddit meetup was a spring/summer hike up in West Vancouver back in 2011. Initially we decided on a beginner's hike which didn't work out due to flood. We ended up finding Brother's Creek Loop (intermediate) to be opened . My one and only unprepared hike. After that, I decided to create an account and searched up gift exchanges. I love shopping goods for other people. But having to wait till someone's birthday can take a while. Especially when its only happening once a year.

Then I found Redditgifts.

Every once in a while they have a number of exchanges you can sign up for. They range from toys, books, hockey, and other popular themes people like to take part in. Below are my gifts that I shipped. I took part in:

Makeup & Nail Polish 2014

Tie 2014

Can't wait to receive mine!!!! <3

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