Friday, March 7, 2014

My Big Mango Amazon Order

After deleting my Paypal account, I've realized online shopping from eBay is not as convenient. In addition, a large number of sellers only use Paypal rather than credit card. Thus I've switched to purchasing from Amazon for my first few orders. In addition to switching vendors, I've also increase my budget a bit in order to get better quality materials.

Recently, I am looking to buy a long wallet & a night-out bag. Buying on Amazon is like finding a buried treasure. It takes a long time with keyword search because many seller's first language isn't English. This meant they throw a lot of irrelevant keywords. To me searching by keywords alone won't show results. So I probed into different products and to use Amazon's match to find other "similar sellers". 

I found Big Mango! 

First of all, their products are not really cheap, as an online merchant. BUT it is cheaper than buying from the local stores in Vancouver (just because everything is more expensive here....). 

Here's what I bought:
- dual color (mint & dark green) wallet for $14.99. 
- Balenciaga replica bag for $17.99. 
- Came with a cute pastel green rose headphone jack!

The wallet is good that it can fit my cellphone too. What I liked the most was the compartments are spacious enough that I can put quite a bit of things in (receipts, coins, bills and etc.). As for the Replica bag, it is less expensive than if I bought a small sized bag from winners just for going out at night. The materials and the pricing doesn't necessary go hand in hand. With a less expensive replica bag, it doesn't hurt to lose it (but best not to). In addition, not a lot of people are gonna spend time in determining if its a real bag. (Unless if you go to an Asian hangout place, that's a different story). 

Five star purchase so far! 

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