Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Magic Pill to counteract Asian Flush

Don't be alarmed, this post is dedicated to those with the "asian blush" when intoxicated. The pill being referred to is called Zantac.

A while ago while I was researching for an over-the-counter drug, I came across the name Pepcid. A friend of mine who is studying sciences, recommended the generic form of Zantac. He had first hand experience with it and it gets the job done. But results may vary with different body types.

Upon experiencing it for the first time, they eliminate the ugly, unphotogenic asian blush (without doing photoshop touchups). YES! Because the drug has the ability to damage the stomach lining, I take it on the rare occasion. Which doesn't include going out for a beer or two. Special occasion such as a friend's birthday, or once a year statutory holiday.

This drug has severe side effects.

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