Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tech Piece: How to block event invites

I have this ONE friend who is very passionate at the place she works at. I envy that, finding a dream job can be difficult. Especially in Vancouver. But she constantly send me invites to special events the venue has. Its probably a mass invite, but that's not the issue. It keeps popping up in my events page and it can get annoying.

So I searched online for the best cure, and there is one!! Facebook didn't have this before, but have incorporated a brilliant option to block event invites without blocking the person as a whole. Whoopee! 

If you go to privacy shortcuts -> more settings
On the left side of the window, click blocking 

There are two options available: 
1. Block app invites
2. Block event invites

And viola! Hope it helped you, as much as it helped me.
All the credits to Roberto Aloi

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