Saturday, February 15, 2014

Personal piece: Love and hate relationship with Medical program.


Growing up & becoming a Canadian citizen, this country provides its people many benefits. The medical program is one of them. From where my home country, there wasn't free healthcare. This meant every individual who was sick had to pay to visit the doctors. Medical clinics were a booming business, there is at least 3-4 in every block. Though there was a fee, the results were what you paid for. Fast diagnosis, strong medication. People got better within days of receiving their prescriptions. Most medication can be purchased directly at the clinic which saved time visiting a pharmacy. Pharmacy only carried over-the-counter drugs and works like a convenience store, fairly similar to Canada.

I enjoy the healthcare as a Canadian because its paid for through filing taxes every year. But as we all know, businesses give little thought about consumers when they are not within a competing industry. Long story short, my last few visits to lifelabs have been extremely frustrating. The organization has implemented an option where patients can "book appointments". This provided the company a more realistic forecast as they can measure the flow of patients. However, it wasn't communicated to the public so few who knew was able to take advantage of the service. Due to the fact that they only do walk-ins previously, it was a first-come, first-serve basis. With this new service, it has brought many people inconveniences:

1. Patients who are not as tech savvy (pre-predominately seniors) had to wait longer as people who made appointments get priority.

2. Longer wait times meant people working 9-5 are all coming in at once on weekends because taking its harder to predict if taking 2 hours off work will be enough.

3. Higher load of work for staff, results in unhappy employees. Low job satisfaction meant customers are constantly having to deal with rude attitude from the staff.

At least communicate to the general public of new implementations through media or through doctors will help relief some stress. Especially for sick patients who have to deal with cranky staff.

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