Thursday, January 16, 2014

Welcoming 2014 with Glamour Makeup

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Have a fantabulous 2014! 
Here's a quick post of my makeup for NYE ~~~

Love In Florence Eyeshadow Palette (London Drugs)
Shine Killer (Nordstorm Rack)
Stay Matte but not flat powder foundation (Nordstorm Rack)
Started out with their eyeshadow palette and immediately fell in love with it! Their palette is nicely pigmented. The black color is perfect for creating the smokey eyes look. The lighter colors is good for adding a hint of brightness in the inner corner of the eyes. The shine killer & matte foundation saved me from an overly oily face! FIT foundation isn't as ideal as it seemed.... Will discuss later on.
Urban Decay: (Nordstorm Rack)
All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray
Complexion Primer Potion Makeup Base
I've heard many good things about urban decay and decided to get them in my last Seattle trip. Nordstorm Rack has the smaller versions of the setting spray and makeup base, which is perfect for a night out! From experience, my makeup did stay intact the whole night, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Ardell: (London Drugs)
Glamour EyeLash
Whoever invented this, is an absolute genius! I have short, stiff lashes. After putting mascara on, they automatically straighten out. Fake lashes is my go-to-place for special occasions. They help enhance the eyes and make a person look more photogenic (or more awake). It helps add a feminine touch to the face.
Maybelline: (London Drugs)
FIT Liquid Foundation
Falsies Mascara
I use the darker shade for summer and lighter shade for winter. They have a SPF ingredient which isn't ideal for oily/combo skin. When I wear it, my skin would look oily and wouldn't last for the whole night. Its worse in summer when I am sweating my makeup off, ewww. Mascara is alright. Good for a short-term makeup wear. 
Vasanti: (Rexall)
I bought this through "free consultation" at Rexall. Not my best experience as my face got really itchy as soon as I got home. The makeup artist didn't use clean brushes, or she used the makeup on display without removing the top surface. The concealer was a-ok for $20. Coverage isn't spectacular, I'd recommend using the Revlon brand.
Shiseido: (HK)
Eyelash Curler
Funny enough, this was passed on from my mom. She had it when she was my age! It works wonders with visible curled lashes. Mascara isn't really needed as I can go out with only a eyeliner. 
Annabelle: (London Drugs)
Biggy Bronzer
Can't really comment on the bronzer as I rarely use it. But I like the big surface to swipe my brush on and made my face look smaller. 
Rimmel: (Shoppers Drug Mart)
Glitter Eyeshadow Pencil (001 star studded)
 Great find! I use the eyeshadow pencil to line my lower lash line to highlight my eyes. Too mush shimmer makes a person look over dramatic, but a thin line at the bottom allow the eye to pop and appear awake. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
My finished look!

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