Friday, January 3, 2014

Cyber Monday HAUL: Body Shop Frenzy (Part 2)

Photo Credit: The Body Shop
When black Friday is followed by cyber Monday, the craziness continues. For my second order, I focused on targeting products that improve my acne. I enjoy using their Tea Tree collection, once in a while. Once my skin gets used to the product, the acne comes back. As cyber Monday is before Christmas, I also stocked up some gifts for secret santa, and the likes J

Below is a list of my order:
1.       Cream Face Wash Tea Tree (x100ml)
2.       Mask Face Tea Tree (x100ml)
3.       Toner Skin Clearing Tea Tree (x250ml)
4.       Gift Mini Vanilla package
5.       Gift House Gingerbread House (super adorable!)
6.       Facial Wash FMNG Moisture White (x125ml)
7.       Cleanser Oil Moisture White (x125ml)
8.       Polisher Body Recycled (color: Green)

Looking forward to trying out the Moisture White collection! Those particular ones are only available online, and set at a higher price range than the rest. My goal is to get whiter for 2014 summer beach volleyball. 

They have a 50% BLOWOUT SALE NOW! You don't wanna miss out ~

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