Monday, December 8, 2014

Freebie Monday:

It has been on my bucket list to share this freebie with everyone for the longest time! One of my tasks at work is to create free sample postings daily for US customers, I can't help but do a quick search on Canadian freebies. My greatest find is this little gem! SampleSource is a company that let's customers sign up to try new products before making a purchase. This is great for those who are more money conscious, like myself. This shipment arrived within a few weeks of signing up. The product I wanted to try out the most is the Biore Nose Strip!

What's the latest freebie you've received?

Monday, December 1, 2014

First Sephora VIB Haul

Fall has been a busy month!
I made a routine of getting out and about on the weekends to events around town. Best of all, there is always something going on. Check out for events near you.

Back to my favorite topic: beauty! This is my first VIB Sephora Haul! Personally I am not a frequent shopper at Sephora for a couple of reasons. I don't live close by to one, and my budget can't sustain going there every week. Thus having a friend who's a beautyholic is a blessing. She is a VIB holder with good insight about makeup & skincare. She invited me to join her for VIB shopping event a few weeks back. With 20% off everything, you can expect a large line of female shoppers being photographed by countless amount of passerby in the mall. Creepers aside, it was a great event for those thinking of getting into the makeup routine! Mine wasn't so much on makeup, but more on skincare. I wanted to try Sephora's Mattifying Moisturizers, and L'Occitane Hand Cream. Also needed a concealer for my undereyes for work as my current Avanti one is almost done. So I got those along with my favorite Shiseido Pureness Balancing Softener!

Needless to say, I was a little disappointed about Sephora's moisturizers because they made my face more glossy than usual within a few hours. It didn't last 8 hours, as promised on the packaging.

What did you buy at the VIB event?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The best time for putting on Nail Polish

Which day of the week, time of the day do you put on your nail polish?

I like to put on nail polish at home because visiting a nail bar will take a while with transportation and such. Also, the reality that you get watched by passerby can get a little intimidating. Painting nail polish has its perks because you can take a break from doing chores at home for a fun little task. 

For years I have struggled to have the perfect shine on my nails because I tend to paint them before going to bed. As I sleep, my nails get all sorts of patterns stamped on while moving my hand around. By the time morning hits, the top coat becomes matte with annoying scratches. With the new job I have recently, waking up early has become a routine thing. On weekends, I tend to wake up before everyone in the house does (around 7AM on a Saturday morning). Its the perfect time to paint nails because you won't be going back to bed (hopefully), and while you lie on the desk afterwards, there will be plenty of time to dry. 

In addition, I find essie top-coat nail polish is formulated with a fast-drying ingredient which works really well. Its definitely worth trying out! 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

John Frieda

John Frieda is my 2014 favorite hair product. The brand was founded by a British celebrity hairstylist and was acquired in 2002 by Kao Corporation, Japan. John Freida is a collection of salon-inspired products to solve the most difficult hair problems. 

What's in the picture (from left to right):
Luxurious Volume Touchably Full
Frizz Ease Collection

 I came across the brand about 2 years back at a beauty event. At first I was a little skeptical about the product, as most hair products over promise and under delivers. However, I was really impressed with the results from 1 wash! Their Voluminous shampoo is one of the BEST shampoos that helps the most delicate hair without the use of hairspray. In addition, the nourishing factor keeps your hair smooth and silky after each wash. This is a good alternative to salon hair products, for a fraction of the price.

Highly Recommended.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

London Drugs Beauty Event

It was an honor to be invited once again to London Drug's Annual Beauty Event on June 18th at London Aviation Centre. This year, I was lucky enough to bump into my friend while waiting for our flight. So we set forth an adventurous journey through Vancouver skies on a Helijet! An amazing experience with a first glimpse of fall beauty products.

There were a number of new brands showcasing their upcoming fall beauty collections. Some brands were very generous to allow us to try out their upcoming line of products. After trying out a number of new products in the last two weeks, and I have to say... a majority of them have really high quality products. They are very comparable to the designer brands I've been using. I begin learning to applying makeup with drugstore brands because they have more variety. But best of all, its less hefty on the pocket with decent quality. Listed below are some of the brands present at the event. Stay tuned for posts about some of them!

Fashion Jewellery
Home Skinovations
John Frieda
Lise Watier
Mineral Fusion
Prestige Cosmetics
Red Carpet Manicure
Sally Hansen

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer Top 5 makeup brands for EYES

ANYTIME is the perfect time of the year to use makeup products because the first thing that attracts the "eyes" is your face. Here's a list of products that I have been using often this summer & going into fall for eyes. This year, my goal is to use makeup more as I have graduated, entering the real world. Most often I hope to look my best for those unexpected, magical encounters ;)

My top 5 EYE Products

1. Rimmel scandal eyes waterproof eyeliner (pencil)- Work & Night Out

This was an unexpected find as it was on sale when I purchased it. My intention was to get a lighter color eyeliner so it will be appropriate for work. To my surprise, the eyeliner lives up to its "waterproof" standard! I had it on while volunteering for a special event in Vancouver, when a down pour came in the middle of nowhere. After 10 minutes of pouring rain, my windbreaker was drenched. Even my inner shirt was soaked. But my eyeliner stayed intact! I was glad the panda eyes wasn't a result of mother nature's dramatic change.

2. Lise Watier HD eyeliner- Work

This is by far my favorite liquid eyeliner. Its easy to put on as it glides through the surface of your skin. The brown had a hint of rose gold, which neutralizes the color for a natural result. I like how the color looks subtle on the lid rather than a dark, coarse line. As someone with oily skin, it doesn't smudge to the bottom of your eyes. Its perfect for everyday, fresh look.

3. NYX liquid eyeliner- Night Out

I bought this about a year back. The brush tip was really skinny but easy to apply. It is equivalent to Dolly Wink, if you have been using the Japanese makeup brands as well. Its not exactly a pencil, but its easy grip and the brush doesn't spread too much that you'll end up getting a thick line. This is good for going out, for sure!

4. Benefit "They're Real" Mascara- Work & Night Out

Received a sample version of this about a year back at Sephora. It is one of the best mascaras that live up to its advertisement. You can apply for a few coats and still look natural. Best of all, they don't smudge easily if you rub your eyes. (probably a different story if you rub too much)

5. Annabelle Expandable Mascara

This is the solution for Asian lashes that have a hard time staying curled, at least for me. I was lucky to have the opportunity to test the mascara before buying one. This mascara is formulated to hold up curls so it doesn't fall after two coats. The twist-able handle is designed for the change in bristles to brush both top and bottom lash.

<3 <3 <3

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lise Watier

This is one of the higher-priced beauty products at the event. Most of their products are manufactured in Europe focusing on quality and design. The Fall 2014 collection celebrates the free spirited woman, with a bohemian-chic twist. The beauty in this collection is the colors can be used for different occasion, from daytime to nighttime look. This is my most favorite collection thus far! *muah*

Work day toned-down look
1. QUATUOR FELINE Eyeshadow Quartet
2. Eyeliner HD (Brown)
3. FELINE Velvet Lip Lacquer (Nude)

Night time, glamorous look
1. Eyeliner HD (Black-dramatic look)
2. 24 HRS GLAM Eyeshadow (comes with a built in sharpener!)
3. FELINE Velvet Lip Lacquer (Rouge)

One down side:
Every time I use the HD eyeliner with contacts, the rose gold color color dye gets transferred to my contacts (on the left lens). Not quite sure why, but I don't use the eyeliner for the time being. 

Stay tuned for favorite hair products!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Beauty find at Sephora: Pencil Sharpener

I am a big fan of eyeliners because they make your eyes pop, especially after a late night out. For me, pencil rules over liquid eyeliner for the most natural look. But its difficult to find a good pencil sharpener for all kinds, including the "waxy type" of waterproof eyeliner.

After doing some research online, I found a pencil sharpener from Sephora with good reviews. House brands are known for their high quality as they compete with designer brands. A common saying is that "prestige" brands have better quality because they stand at a higher-price range. However, to my  knowledge, a portion of their profit goes back to marketing. This means exposing their brand more to gain more market share. 

Business school aside, a $3 pencil sharpener is worth the risk for trying it out. Sephora has a number of different types of pencil sharpeners: duo-pack for big and small, and mine which comes with dual protective covering. The one I purchased came with a plastic covering, ensuring its new. 

- protective shell: good for storing in makeup bags
- sharp: can use with waxy type eyeliner
- square-shaped: can fit into spaces easily 
- inexpensive

- only one color available
- storage with multiple can take up more space
- plastic shell will break after removing residue with prolong use

Note: This was bought using my own money, in no way affiliated with any company. This is written with personal insights and were not altered in any way.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My favorite mask brand

As I was strolling London Drugs while waiting for my friend on Canada Day, I spotted a number of skincare products on sale. The one that caught my eye were colorful tubes of masks. It has been a year since I last bought my first freeman mask. I always look forward to peeling off and it made the skincare routine much more entertaining. The irresistible part was Buy 1 Get 1 Free! So I picked up two new types of masks: the Brightening & Polishing mask tubes.

The Facial Brightening Mask helps hydrate and brighten the skin. Formulated with Vitamin C, the product helps to control dark spots, firm, and lighten skin. When you squeeze the tube, it has natural golden grain within the jelly-like substance. After applying onto the skin for 5-10 minutes, extra products are rinsed off. The skin truly feels more smooth and soft.

The Facial Polishing Masks contains Charcoal & Black Sugar as the main ingredients. It helps to purify mask and smooth exfoliant. Charcoal takes the oil and impurities from the skin while black sugar acts to exfoliate dead/dull skin cells.

The recommended use for both products are twice a week OR as often as needed. I only used the brightening mask so far, but will update on the polishing mask for next week. The brightening mask is clear so your significant other won't be startled when you put it on. Definitely worth buying :)

Note: This was bought using my own money, in no way affiliated with any company. This is written with personal insights and were not altered in any way.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Yoko Yaya HAUL!

As I started my search for good, reasonably-priced face masks, Daiso came to my mind. I opted for Yoko yaya in International Village, Chinatown because it was more convenient and less traffic coming back. I went to the makeup section and picked up some face masks that were pretty cheap, some are less than $1 for one! I haven't tried the masks from Daiso yet, only the Charcoal mask for blackheads (at the bottom). If you have, please let me know!

1. BB Face Mask $2- Made in Korea
It comes in a pack of 2, with separate packaging. It is a collagen face mask with 23ml of moisture-filled essence in it. Collagen is used to maintain the elasticity and firmness of your skin, and breakdown with the aging process. There are instructions on the back on how to use it. The benefit of this mask is after putting it on for 5-15 minutes, the extra essence can be massaged into the skin. No rinsing required.

1. Face Care Sheet $2- Made in Japan
It comes in a pack of 2, with thinner, smaller packaging. This is a collagen & Hyaluronic Acid with 12ml of essence for both sheets. Its the size of my palm, in comparison to other Korean mask products. Some people apply hyaluronic acid to the skin for healing wounds, burns, skin ulcers, and as a moisturizer. There are simple instruction at the back for 10 minute use. 

3. Q10 Sheet Mask $2- Made in Korea
It comes in a pack of 3, with separate packaging. The 3-pack co-enzyme Q10 face mask, each with 25ml of moisture-filled essence in it. The antioxidants within CoQ10 can withstand and reverse skin damage, preserving the collagen and elastin within your skin cells to make you appear younger.There are instructions with visual images on the back on how to use it. The benefit of this mask is after putting it on for 10-20 minutes, the extra essence needs to be massaged into the skin. No rinsing required. 

4. Facial Mask Peel Off (Charcoal) $2 - Made in Korea
One tube has around 80g of content. This is the second time I bought this due to its large size for only $2. The product is good for removing blackheads. However, it is not permanent as the nose requires other products to assist in closing the pores. Because of its [charcoal] natural detoxifying properties, it can be used to whiten teeth, remove poisons from your body, and cleanse!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sun Screen Essentials

Lately we've been experiencing some sunny, hot weather in Vancouver. Its time to absorb some Vitamin D and get some nice tans. For a number of locals, weekends consist of going to the beach with friends. But of course, long hours of volleyball action.

SUNSCREEN is a must if you are planning to spend time at the beach for two reasons.

You wanna get a nice, even tan. Some people wear a short-sleeve shirt to protect some parts of their body, and ends the night with a burning farmer's tan. Once you achieve this kind of tan, it stays with you for the summer. To avoid only using clothing for sun protection, invest in sunscreen. Its worth it.

The severe case of forgetting to apply & re-applying sunscreen. This is very common, especially when you're having a great time with friends. Take a few minutes in between conversations or sports to re-apply sunscreen. The sunscreen wears off easily when you sweat, under the sun. If a few minutes of applying sunscreen can avoid burning showers and peeling skin, why not?

Here are my essentials:


I came across this product while looking in for a decent sunscreen that can be used for going out during the daytime, not for sports. They had many good reviews so I got one to try it out. This sunscreen has the benefit of little shininess while blending in with your skin color (a shade lighter). After using it for a few weeks, my face has gotten only a shade darker. Pretty impressive product as I like to spend time at the beach often.

From London Drugs

This is my go-to product when I go tanning/ spending time under the sun. The sunscreen has a sheer feeling, not as heavy with the same amount of coverage. In addition, it doesn't make the skin look shiny with excess oil. But the sunscreen does go on your clothing when you wipe sweat onto your shirt. However, it doesn't stain after a quick wash. Regardless of SPF 110, I reapply it every hour to reduce the chance of sunburn. Highly Recommended.

From London Drugs
Lastly, we can't forget the largest surface area, the body. I like to use a sunscreen spray because it is convenient and easy to apply/carry around. But with a spray, uneven distribution of sunscreen can result in spot tan. In addition, the spray can be used up in just one summer.

* I usually get my products when they're on sale at drugstores. Recently London Drugs are having some great deals on sunscreen. As for the sasatinne face sunscreen, I had a friend get it for me from HK as they didn't have the online shopping option back then.*

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Canadian Long weekend Madness at the Outlet!

The 9-day Alaska cruise trip ended with 3 hour visit to the Seattle Premium Outlet. Surprisingly, there were a few stores with amazing discounts on a Canadian holiday (Victoria Weekend). As our ship arrived a little early at Seattle port, we were able to retrieve our luggage before 9:30AM. By the time we got to the Outlet, it was only 11AM, an hour after it opened on Friday. YAY!

Stores were still empty, perfect for shopping =)

Kate Spade NY have officially opened! Its one of my favorite brands. Seeing many shoppers wearing large shopping bags signify a great sale going on. As they are clearing out their collection from a summer or two ago, selected bags are 50% off. What's more, you get an additional 20% as well! I got a classic style black bag, with the option of wearing it on your shoulder or resting on your forearm. The next one I got was a turquoise/mint color mini shoulder bag with a metal turning knob opening.



Next, we stopped at GAP. I walk in on the rare occasion. This is one of them. To my surprise, they have quite a bit of things on sale. $50 for two zip-up hoodies, and found a number of clearance long sleeve t-shirts, perfect for volleyball in colder weather! They were $2 each, from $15+. 

Last we stopped at The North Face. I never shop there because they don't have the most amazing discounts. On top of that, their selection of colors and styles are very limited. Its not a store worth walking out of the maze for. But mom needed a light jacket, but enough to keep warm. So we went in. The first sale associate, Sarah, didn't feel like she wanted to serve us. No smile, and speaking with an attitude like we were her subordinates. It was an instant red flag for me, bad customer service. Especially when we are looking at pretty pricey products. When we required another assistance, she was on the other side of the store. There's NO WAY she can hear me, even if I yelled. Another associate was there, Tanya. She was a chubby, super friendly woman. She called to check if there were stock at the back room. Then when we brought up the issue of a defect on the item, she consulted with the manager for a discount. Best of all, she talked with a smile and not like an authoritative figure. There was no other personnel available to ring transaction so Sarah did it for us. We explained about the discount and her expression seemed like we were lying. After she rang the transaction, I realized she put her name as the woman that helped us. My personal thought was: This is what a pretty face can get you. You don't need to be good at what you do, just need to be a good stuck up and its smooth sail in your career. Will I shop there again? NO. Will I recommend it to someone else? DEFINITELY NOT. I hope other shoppers will not feel like they've been mistreated. Its the worst feeling after spending a load of money, and not feel happy. 

Two other stores that caught my eye were Juicy Couture with 50% off "almost" everything in store, and the new Swarovski store with good discounts on selected merchandise. I've gotten quite a bit of Jewelry from Juicy that I could wear. So I didn't get anything there this time around.

The Seattle Premium Outlet is the perfect place to purchase brand name at decent price cuts. Clothing-wise, its not the most ideal place to buy common colors (ie. black, royal blue). But for handbags, accessories, and gifts, its definitely worth a drive from Vancouver. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Secret Santa, you are too AWESOME!

Like many of you, I am super happy when I see the mail carrier come to my house. One, someone from afar was thinking of you and sent you their thoughts. Two, they took the time to pick out and ship it to you. 

Today was this kind of day.

My Make Up Exchange
Ms. reddit santa had a few problems, went through a few bumps to send me the gift. The determination she had is greatly appreciated! I knew if it were me, I'll probably give up halfway. (bad habit) After the company SEPHORA screwed up my address a couple of times, my secret santa took it into her own hands and entered the label herself. (AWESOME)

I cannot express how much I am thankful to be matched with Penny. It is the sweetest gift possible. Most of my makeup products are from the drugstore because its two blocks away from my house. Plus I like to see the physical product before purchase, so I prefer to visit a store and take my time. Ok, so here's a few things in a nutshell:


- Urban Decay: Naked Basics Palette
- Bobbi Brown: Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner Caviar Ink
- Urban Decay: de-slick Makeup Setting Spray
- Classic Precision Liner Brush #92

Samples (love them!!!)
- Benefit: They're REAL mascara
-Make-up For Ever HD Pressed Powder
-Smashbox Full Exposure Palette 
-Tory Burch Fragrance
-Amazing Cosmetics Concealer
-Katy Perry Killer Queen Fragrance

I look forward to trying them out!! 

Tie Exchange

Package the size of my pillow.

Novelty Tie!

I was BEYOND surprised when I received the package in the mail. It was the size of my PILLOW! Super shocked to see what's inside. For all I know, someone could be pulling a prank on me. But the novelty tie is very comical and adorable! Its a pixelated tie. Perfect for some crazy costume party! Oh, and also for fun tie fridays :)

I am also on Reddit and /r/asianbeauty!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

I can't live without...


1. Perfect accessory: doesn't smudge, won't come off, can wear for a week.

2. YOU. can stare at it all day, when bored.

3. Shows people you're detail-oriented. (if you put fancy sticker designs)

4. Lets others know your "feminine side"

5. Compliments. Something people can start the conversation on.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Secret Santa: I am back.

About a few years back, a friend of mine told me about a forum that had EVERY topic you'd imagine people talking about... reddit.

The first time I joined a reddit meetup was a spring/summer hike up in West Vancouver back in 2011. Initially we decided on a beginner's hike which didn't work out due to flood. We ended up finding Brother's Creek Loop (intermediate) to be opened . My one and only unprepared hike. After that, I decided to create an account and searched up gift exchanges. I love shopping goods for other people. But having to wait till someone's birthday can take a while. Especially when its only happening once a year.

Then I found Redditgifts.

Every once in a while they have a number of exchanges you can sign up for. They range from toys, books, hockey, and other popular themes people like to take part in. Below are my gifts that I shipped. I took part in:

Makeup & Nail Polish 2014

Tie 2014

Can't wait to receive mine!!!! <3

Friday, March 7, 2014

My Big Mango Amazon Order

After deleting my Paypal account, I've realized online shopping from eBay is not as convenient. In addition, a large number of sellers only use Paypal rather than credit card. Thus I've switched to purchasing from Amazon for my first few orders. In addition to switching vendors, I've also increase my budget a bit in order to get better quality materials.

Recently, I am looking to buy a long wallet & a night-out bag. Buying on Amazon is like finding a buried treasure. It takes a long time with keyword search because many seller's first language isn't English. This meant they throw a lot of irrelevant keywords. To me searching by keywords alone won't show results. So I probed into different products and to use Amazon's match to find other "similar sellers". 

I found Big Mango! 

First of all, their products are not really cheap, as an online merchant. BUT it is cheaper than buying from the local stores in Vancouver (just because everything is more expensive here....). 

Here's what I bought:
- dual color (mint & dark green) wallet for $14.99. 
- Balenciaga replica bag for $17.99. 
- Came with a cute pastel green rose headphone jack!

The wallet is good that it can fit my cellphone too. What I liked the most was the compartments are spacious enough that I can put quite a bit of things in (receipts, coins, bills and etc.). As for the Replica bag, it is less expensive than if I bought a small sized bag from winners just for going out at night. The materials and the pricing doesn't necessary go hand in hand. With a less expensive replica bag, it doesn't hurt to lose it (but best not to). In addition, not a lot of people are gonna spend time in determining if its a real bag. (Unless if you go to an Asian hangout place, that's a different story). 

Five star purchase so far! 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tech Piece: How to block event invites

I have this ONE friend who is very passionate at the place she works at. I envy that, finding a dream job can be difficult. Especially in Vancouver. But she constantly send me invites to special events the venue has. Its probably a mass invite, but that's not the issue. It keeps popping up in my events page and it can get annoying.

So I searched online for the best cure, and there is one!! Facebook didn't have this before, but have incorporated a brilliant option to block event invites without blocking the person as a whole. Whoopee! 

If you go to privacy shortcuts -> more settings
On the left side of the window, click blocking 

There are two options available: 
1. Block app invites
2. Block event invites

And viola! Hope it helped you, as much as it helped me.
All the credits to Roberto Aloi

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Personal piece: Love and hate relationship with Medical program.


Growing up & becoming a Canadian citizen, this country provides its people many benefits. The medical program is one of them. From where my home country, there wasn't free healthcare. This meant every individual who was sick had to pay to visit the doctors. Medical clinics were a booming business, there is at least 3-4 in every block. Though there was a fee, the results were what you paid for. Fast diagnosis, strong medication. People got better within days of receiving their prescriptions. Most medication can be purchased directly at the clinic which saved time visiting a pharmacy. Pharmacy only carried over-the-counter drugs and works like a convenience store, fairly similar to Canada.

I enjoy the healthcare as a Canadian because its paid for through filing taxes every year. But as we all know, businesses give little thought about consumers when they are not within a competing industry. Long story short, my last few visits to lifelabs have been extremely frustrating. The organization has implemented an option where patients can "book appointments". This provided the company a more realistic forecast as they can measure the flow of patients. However, it wasn't communicated to the public so few who knew was able to take advantage of the service. Due to the fact that they only do walk-ins previously, it was a first-come, first-serve basis. With this new service, it has brought many people inconveniences:

1. Patients who are not as tech savvy (pre-predominately seniors) had to wait longer as people who made appointments get priority.

2. Longer wait times meant people working 9-5 are all coming in at once on weekends because taking its harder to predict if taking 2 hours off work will be enough.

3. Higher load of work for staff, results in unhappy employees. Low job satisfaction meant customers are constantly having to deal with rude attitude from the staff.

At least communicate to the general public of new implementations through media or through doctors will help relief some stress. Especially for sick patients who have to deal with cranky staff.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Magic Pill to counteract Asian Flush

Don't be alarmed, this post is dedicated to those with the "asian blush" when intoxicated. The pill being referred to is called Zantac.

A while ago while I was researching for an over-the-counter drug, I came across the name Pepcid. A friend of mine who is studying sciences, recommended the generic form of Zantac. He had first hand experience with it and it gets the job done. But results may vary with different body types.

Upon experiencing it for the first time, they eliminate the ugly, unphotogenic asian blush (without doing photoshop touchups). YES! Because the drug has the ability to damage the stomach lining, I take it on the rare occasion. Which doesn't include going out for a beer or two. Special occasion such as a friend's birthday, or once a year statutory holiday.

This drug has severe side effects.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Welcoming 2014 with Glamour Makeup

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Have a fantabulous 2014! 
Here's a quick post of my makeup for NYE ~~~

Love In Florence Eyeshadow Palette (London Drugs)
Shine Killer (Nordstorm Rack)
Stay Matte but not flat powder foundation (Nordstorm Rack)
Started out with their eyeshadow palette and immediately fell in love with it! Their palette is nicely pigmented. The black color is perfect for creating the smokey eyes look. The lighter colors is good for adding a hint of brightness in the inner corner of the eyes. The shine killer & matte foundation saved me from an overly oily face! FIT foundation isn't as ideal as it seemed.... Will discuss later on.
Urban Decay: (Nordstorm Rack)
All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray
Complexion Primer Potion Makeup Base
I've heard many good things about urban decay and decided to get them in my last Seattle trip. Nordstorm Rack has the smaller versions of the setting spray and makeup base, which is perfect for a night out! From experience, my makeup did stay intact the whole night, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Ardell: (London Drugs)
Glamour EyeLash
Whoever invented this, is an absolute genius! I have short, stiff lashes. After putting mascara on, they automatically straighten out. Fake lashes is my go-to-place for special occasions. They help enhance the eyes and make a person look more photogenic (or more awake). It helps add a feminine touch to the face.
Maybelline: (London Drugs)
FIT Liquid Foundation
Falsies Mascara
I use the darker shade for summer and lighter shade for winter. They have a SPF ingredient which isn't ideal for oily/combo skin. When I wear it, my skin would look oily and wouldn't last for the whole night. Its worse in summer when I am sweating my makeup off, ewww. Mascara is alright. Good for a short-term makeup wear. 
Vasanti: (Rexall)
I bought this through "free consultation" at Rexall. Not my best experience as my face got really itchy as soon as I got home. The makeup artist didn't use clean brushes, or she used the makeup on display without removing the top surface. The concealer was a-ok for $20. Coverage isn't spectacular, I'd recommend using the Revlon brand.
Shiseido: (HK)
Eyelash Curler
Funny enough, this was passed on from my mom. She had it when she was my age! It works wonders with visible curled lashes. Mascara isn't really needed as I can go out with only a eyeliner. 
Annabelle: (London Drugs)
Biggy Bronzer
Can't really comment on the bronzer as I rarely use it. But I like the big surface to swipe my brush on and made my face look smaller. 
Rimmel: (Shoppers Drug Mart)
Glitter Eyeshadow Pencil (001 star studded)
 Great find! I use the eyeshadow pencil to line my lower lash line to highlight my eyes. Too mush shimmer makes a person look over dramatic, but a thin line at the bottom allow the eye to pop and appear awake. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
My finished look!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Cyber Monday HAUL: Body Shop Frenzy (Part 2)

Photo Credit: The Body Shop
When black Friday is followed by cyber Monday, the craziness continues. For my second order, I focused on targeting products that improve my acne. I enjoy using their Tea Tree collection, once in a while. Once my skin gets used to the product, the acne comes back. As cyber Monday is before Christmas, I also stocked up some gifts for secret santa, and the likes J

Below is a list of my order:
1.       Cream Face Wash Tea Tree (x100ml)
2.       Mask Face Tea Tree (x100ml)
3.       Toner Skin Clearing Tea Tree (x250ml)
4.       Gift Mini Vanilla package
5.       Gift House Gingerbread House (super adorable!)
6.       Facial Wash FMNG Moisture White (x125ml)
7.       Cleanser Oil Moisture White (x125ml)
8.       Polisher Body Recycled (color: Green)

Looking forward to trying out the Moisture White collection! Those particular ones are only available online, and set at a higher price range than the rest. My goal is to get whiter for 2014 summer beach volleyball. 

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