Thursday, August 15, 2013

New Sunglasses & Prescription Glasses for 2013!

Saw Clearly Contact's promotion on Canada day with % off on sunglasses, ended up shopping for a new pair. I've always wanted a brown tinted, large lenses, with the handle that extends NOT from the top, but from the mid frame. Asian facial features are less obvious, thus I enjoy glasses that accentuates my face. With the handle from the top (like the GUESS one), the glasses keeps falling down my nose because I don't have a tall nose. The sunglasses are my all time favorite!

On a side note, I love the case for both pairs of glasses! The GUESS has a gold and reflective cover. The sunglasses is a matte black on the outside, with a nice dull pink on the inside. What's cute is the sunglasses comes with a zebra/cow printed pouch so I can carry it around in my bag without bringing the large, hard case :) 

GUESS Prescription Glasses

Diane von Puurstenberg Sunglasses

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