Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fashion deal find: White Tee

Roaming around Metrotown a few weeks back and found this BARGAIN! I am a big fan of white t-shirts but its hard to find good looking ones. The fabric is either too thick or the print doesn't last after a couple of washes. But this one, I love it!

1. The material is a little sheer so its perfect for weathers like 24-25 Celsius, under the burning sun. Its sorta has a chiffon material so the skin can breathe on hot, humid days.

2. The size is not too small that it wraps around your body. The neckline is not too revealing or conservative (doesn't wrap around your neck) Its fairly loose on the waist & arms that it doesn't make me look fat. Double plus!

3. Print is fairly important. This one, the print is ironed backwards on the inside of the shirt. So even with a number of washes, it won't deteriorate as bad. Because its printed in thick black color, it shows up in grey-ish/silver so its not too revealing.

4. Price is a contributing factor as well. This one was reduced from $12.95 till $5. Over 50% off.

With the material and design, I think its definitely a deal. Time to wear it out the sunny hot weather!

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