Monday, August 19, 2013

Freebie Mondays: $50 worth of gift certificates & BB Cream

I entered a father's day contest back in June. After a number of votes, 5 winners were announced. Each winner gets $50 gift certificates along with a color pink magic BB cream. Super lucky to be one of the winning individuals! Check out Shifeon Beauty on facebook for updates on new products & fun contests.

Gave my mom the gift certificates, ends up buying a kiwi flavor perfume (put in an additional $25 for the purchase). 

Glad she's happy with the gift :) 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

New Sunglasses & Prescription Glasses for 2013!

Saw Clearly Contact's promotion on Canada day with % off on sunglasses, ended up shopping for a new pair. I've always wanted a brown tinted, large lenses, with the handle that extends NOT from the top, but from the mid frame. Asian facial features are less obvious, thus I enjoy glasses that accentuates my face. With the handle from the top (like the GUESS one), the glasses keeps falling down my nose because I don't have a tall nose. The sunglasses are my all time favorite!

On a side note, I love the case for both pairs of glasses! The GUESS has a gold and reflective cover. The sunglasses is a matte black on the outside, with a nice dull pink on the inside. What's cute is the sunglasses comes with a zebra/cow printed pouch so I can carry it around in my bag without bringing the large, hard case :) 

GUESS Prescription Glasses

Diane von Puurstenberg Sunglasses

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fashion deal find: White Tee

Roaming around Metrotown a few weeks back and found this BARGAIN! I am a big fan of white t-shirts but its hard to find good looking ones. The fabric is either too thick or the print doesn't last after a couple of washes. But this one, I love it!

1. The material is a little sheer so its perfect for weathers like 24-25 Celsius, under the burning sun. Its sorta has a chiffon material so the skin can breathe on hot, humid days.

2. The size is not too small that it wraps around your body. The neckline is not too revealing or conservative (doesn't wrap around your neck) Its fairly loose on the waist & arms that it doesn't make me look fat. Double plus!

3. Print is fairly important. This one, the print is ironed backwards on the inside of the shirt. So even with a number of washes, it won't deteriorate as bad. Because its printed in thick black color, it shows up in grey-ish/silver so its not too revealing.

4. Price is a contributing factor as well. This one was reduced from $12.95 till $5. Over 50% off.

With the material and design, I think its definitely a deal. Time to wear it out the sunny hot weather!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Freebie Monday: Clean & Clear cleansing collection

On freebie Monday, I'll share some of the free things I got & ways you can get them too!
Big thanks to Klout for providing me with new products to try out! This time, Clean and Clear was in the mail! Yippee~

I used Clean and Clear when I was little. But some of their products didn't really fit with my skin type. I have slightly sensitive skin and irritation started occurring. I remember switching to different drug store brands during my puberty period. This collection is called morning burst. A line for morning use. The perk comes with a hydrating gel moisturizer, hydrating facial cleanser, and oil absorbing sheets. I have been using their oil absorbing sheets & works like a charm. It absorbs the excess oil on the face to reduce shine significantly. Highly recommended. 

Klout perks are mailed in these packages.
Really durable and protects the product from external damages.

The package came in three original size clean and clear products.