Friday, July 5, 2013

Product review: Joe's Nail Polish Remover

Summer time calls for fun colored nails! Complementary to the change of colors are the nail polish removers. I have been using Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover since high school. They can remove nail polish in short periods of time without leaving residue. Its also what their brand's strength is: nails. 

After using the pink bottle for a few years, its time to stock up a new one. So I went to Superstore a few weeks ago and saw Joe's have a remover now. It has a bigger bottle for a little more, which seemed like a good deal. Picked one up and used it today. 

It was N.O.T. good. I poured a decent amount on a cotton ball and needed to use more strength than usual to get my polish off. Usually, one cotton ball gets the job done. But with the new nail polish remover, it takes two cotton balls and had to replenish more liquid on the cotton for each two nails. Very time-consuming and inconvenient. 

Highly recommend the Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover, its the best bang for the buck. Lasts for a long time and quick time removal! 

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