Saturday, July 27, 2013

Overqualified student for a NailArt Workshop

Each workshop recommends a suggested donation of $10, with proceeds benefiting Beauty Night Society. Attended the Geometric Chic workshop on July 6th. This is a workshop perfect for mother-daughter hangout or people who are new to nail polish. Weighed the Good and Bad for my own experience. 

- There are a couple of mall staff that floats around to help answer questions
- Location was easy to find
- Staff were punctual about maintaining start and end times
- A few fans were available for drying

- When the MC ask questions, voices from the participants from the far end does not get heard. Hence I didn't find the workshop to be as enjoyable as I would've had. 
- Mall staff should ask what participants aims to achieve before recommending methods. For me, I love neon but was told to put a purple base coat. This made my neon pink less bright than I had wanted.
- Had received lots of weird faces and questions from passerby
- Fans were not situated at close proximity 
- The event was not advertised as a beginner workshop. Sat for over 2 hours learning something I knew from youtube gurus at home

Each participant gets these in a lunch bag.
Contest attached to the event.

Neon had a hard time standing out.
Lefty having a hard time decorating the left hand.

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