Saturday, July 20, 2013

Clearly Contacts Open on July 14th.

Beach Volleyball open competition happened last weekend from July 12-14th. After getting into a car accident the day before, I still manage to commute to Kitsilano beach for the finals. It was a great event which attracted many attendees and participants of a wide age group. There are many sporting vendors promoting their brand. My favorite part of the trip was watching the men finals! It was an intense showdown which involved hard serves & spikes. There was the female finals which didn't interest me because its missing the strength and power.

Strolling along the beach a team of neon tank kids caught my attention. Despite their size, they had a strong team bondage in that they know how to set the ball that their partner will be able to get it. It was an interesting game with little sound & perfect positioning on the court. 

I was lucky to find the clearly contacts booth for a new pair of shades! My last one lasted two years of outdoor volleyball with numerous scratches and the frame was about to break. Going to be a great summer with the Ray-Ban style shades!

More pictures from the event:

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