Sunday, July 28, 2013

Personal Piece: What's charming in men

This piece is based on my personal experiences, through interacting with men of all sorts (friends, co-workers, dates, and etc). This is not written to attack the opposite sex, but instead serves as an open discussion for everyone. 

I guess these can be classified as my pet peeves. Some of which a number of female counterparts can relate. 
The list is consolidated to the top 3 attributes observed in men.

1. CHEAP, not a good thing.

I've had experience with a number of guys who act like they are gentlemen but are JUST underlying cheap. 
For example, it's a sweet thing to do when you offer to pay, but you don't need to BRAG about it. When you tell other people about what you do, you're using this for personal gain. Whether for people to give compliments or to put you as a "nice guy", I don't know. But don't be the reason for people to put a negative label on you. Let other people discover and praise, at their own will. 

Another scenario is when you offer to help a girl buy food. Personally, I am a fair person who pays back money afterwards. I hate owing people money/favors unless its a close friend. One time I offered to pay more than the cost because my guy friend walked several blocks to get me Ice Cap at the beach & didn't expect money back. (two thumbs up for gentleman!) But if you ask for money BEFOREHAND to help her buy food when she didn't ask, that shows you are cheap. 

Be noble, a real man values the relationship(s) over money.

2. Be assertive, ambitious in your approach.

How you approach life in general. A men who is ambitious and assertive is charming, by nature. It shows that he's capable of accomplishing anything he puts his heart into. It reflects his strength and ability to protect his friends and family from sticky situations. When he is missing this characteristic, its up to the individual to judge whether to stay or go. 

3. Chivalry is a double plus. 

A man who was raised by a lady will appreciate every lady he meets. Believe it or not, its the little things that some of us see and appreciate. Holding the door for the lady, or letting the girl first may seem like little gestures but they make a big difference. This is also one of the large contributing factors to decide on moving on to the next step.

My first random piece, thanks for reading. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Overqualified student for a NailArt Workshop

Each workshop recommends a suggested donation of $10, with proceeds benefiting Beauty Night Society. Attended the Geometric Chic workshop on July 6th. This is a workshop perfect for mother-daughter hangout or people who are new to nail polish. Weighed the Good and Bad for my own experience. 

- There are a couple of mall staff that floats around to help answer questions
- Location was easy to find
- Staff were punctual about maintaining start and end times
- A few fans were available for drying

- When the MC ask questions, voices from the participants from the far end does not get heard. Hence I didn't find the workshop to be as enjoyable as I would've had. 
- Mall staff should ask what participants aims to achieve before recommending methods. For me, I love neon but was told to put a purple base coat. This made my neon pink less bright than I had wanted.
- Had received lots of weird faces and questions from passerby
- Fans were not situated at close proximity 
- The event was not advertised as a beginner workshop. Sat for over 2 hours learning something I knew from youtube gurus at home

Each participant gets these in a lunch bag.
Contest attached to the event.

Neon had a hard time standing out.
Lefty having a hard time decorating the left hand.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Gym membership: Endless pitches

I received a call yesterday about winning a prize. Got super excited because I do enter contests on a regular basis. They are usually low hanging fruits but not crap. This one was very different. Opportunity cost was HUGE on my part, for the reward.

Located at Broadway & Arbutus, it takes me around 30 minutes to commute. When I got there, the receptionist asked me to wait for the girl (let's call her Mary) who called me. During the wait I filled out a "sign-in" sheet and a "welcome" sheet. Basically they are to gather potential customer's information for extensive marketing purposes. After around 30 minutes of staring at people working out, Mary came and start the conversation.

Like all sales people, they start off with a nice, find a "common interest" talk. Then they start introducing member's pricing, classes which required additional cost, and personal trainers with promising results. After the pitch, we set down to do the papers.

As someone who's very skeptical about gym membership, I reserve to give her my credit card information. Insisted that I want to try it out first before committing to any paid membership. They say the promotion offers a $10 off for joined fee & monthly fee, ends tomorrow. Wow, really?

I gotta say: The A/C and infinite-sized mirror in the women's washroom was quite an experience.

I left the place with this.

You don't have to "win" it. Basically, you can just hit up any gym and say: I want to try it out. Local residents only. 

From own experience: Vancouver is filled with beautiful seawall, beaches, parks and etc.
You don't need to pay to enjoy the amazing view & facilities, why put money into artificial setting?

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Clearly Contacts Open on July 14th.

Beach Volleyball open competition happened last weekend from July 12-14th. After getting into a car accident the day before, I still manage to commute to Kitsilano beach for the finals. It was a great event which attracted many attendees and participants of a wide age group. There are many sporting vendors promoting their brand. My favorite part of the trip was watching the men finals! It was an intense showdown which involved hard serves & spikes. There was the female finals which didn't interest me because its missing the strength and power.

Strolling along the beach a team of neon tank kids caught my attention. Despite their size, they had a strong team bondage in that they know how to set the ball that their partner will be able to get it. It was an interesting game with little sound & perfect positioning on the court. 

I was lucky to find the clearly contacts booth for a new pair of shades! My last one lasted two years of outdoor volleyball with numerous scratches and the frame was about to break. Going to be a great summer with the Ray-Ban style shades!

More pictures from the event:

Friday, July 5, 2013

Product review: Joe's Nail Polish Remover

Summer time calls for fun colored nails! Complementary to the change of colors are the nail polish removers. I have been using Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover since high school. They can remove nail polish in short periods of time without leaving residue. Its also what their brand's strength is: nails. 

After using the pink bottle for a few years, its time to stock up a new one. So I went to Superstore a few weeks ago and saw Joe's have a remover now. It has a bigger bottle for a little more, which seemed like a good deal. Picked one up and used it today. 

It was N.O.T. good. I poured a decent amount on a cotton ball and needed to use more strength than usual to get my polish off. Usually, one cotton ball gets the job done. But with the new nail polish remover, it takes two cotton balls and had to replenish more liquid on the cotton for each two nails. Very time-consuming and inconvenient. 

Highly recommend the Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover, its the best bang for the buck. Lasts for a long time and quick time removal! 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Lise Watier

Came across this counter during the "Come Fly with Us" event with the attractive colors on the model's eyes. This fall there will be new changes in their products, I am excited to try them out. The following  products are limited edition for Fall 2013. Will soon be available at London Drugs. (Estimated to be August to October, 2013)

From Left to right:

[ The colors in this eyeshadow quad are straight out of the English countryside. The seasonal palette is composed of delicate pink, bellflower mauve, teal blue, and hunter green. Offered in a plaid-print compact. ]
Retail price: $36

2. Ombre Souffle Supreme with Labrador Tea
[ The popular eyeshadow, with its exceptionally silky and airy texture, is available for one season in the Tartan Magic shade, a wonderful variation of teal blus and verdigris. Composed from combination of a cream, a powder, and a foam, it provides a subtle pearlescent eyeshadow and a long-lasting finish. Its formula is infused with the antioxidant power of the exclusive concentrated Labrador Tea Extract ]
Retail price: $24

3. Nail Lacquer
[ Two new shades share the limelight for glamorous nails this season. The applicator features a built-in light for a perfect mani-pedi! ]
Retail price: $13