Thursday, June 20, 2013

What is the birthday girl up to this week?

My birthday is coming up this Saturday (June 22nd)! I am super excited about all the events happening this week. A little brief sharing post on the great adventures and new experiences I'll be trying out.

With a big love of making lists, let's start:

1. CKNW orphan's fund internship interview
Actively looking for a job to start my career before getting my BBA degree. 
This is a great not-for-profit organization who gives back to the community through assisting the physically, mentally challenged, and disadvantaged children. It was my pleasure to learn about the different initiatives great people do. 

2. Education Council Meeting (last one before Fall semester)
As a student representative on the Langara Education Council, we vote on behalf of the student population in   all proposed academic changes. This is usually voting for a proposal of a new course/program, changing requirements of an existing course, or "new information" with changes in the continuing studies (adult education) realm. 

Looking forward to some new restrictions imposed on some BBA courses, additional options for international students, and changes in the applied planning program. 

3. Come fly with us (An event organized by London Drugs)
Was super lucky (probably birthday luck, *wink*) to hear about a beauty event that London Drugs organized at the London Aviation Centre. It showcased a number of new collections by different beauty partners: Annabelle, Mineral Fusion, NYX, Revlon, Mabelline NY, Cargo Cosmetics, Red Carpet Manicure, Layla Cosmetics, Lise Watier, John Frieda, Nexxus, London Drugs, Conair, got2b, LashEM, and Jouviance. There was a few booths which I didn't have time to visit, unfortunately. But will be writing for some of the ones I've seen in the upcoming week. BIG LOVE for new things. 

4. Fundamentals of Photoshop, Illustrator & Indesign Workshop (via Trade School Van
Trade School Van is a community based group where individuals from different backgrounds offers to teach something they have expertise in. In return, students can barter specific items (upon request by the teacher) for knowledge. Looking forward TO THIS!! 

5. Make Music Vancouver Festival in Gastown/Yaletown
A community-based free event for everyone! With a great opportunity to listen to the local artists/band perform throughout the streets. There'll be over 300 performers in over 4 hours long performances. Whether you're taking a stroll downtown after dinner or going on a date, this is the perfect event for you!

6. Run for H2O for clean water in Guatemala (on my birthday TOO!)
This year, I wanted to do something different. No extravagant party with over 100 guests, or planning a birthday dinner in hopes to get gifts as the main purpose. (Not that I do those haha) BUT to contribute and make a difference in the world. What would be better than to celebrate it by "the act of giving" on the day my mom gave the world, me? So this year I will be celebrating my birthday by fundraising $500 to help 5 individuals in Guatemala with a lifetime of clean water. I take it for granted the fresh, filtered water in Vancouver when someone is having trouble surviving on the other side of the world. It hurts to think about it.
Would love if everyone can put a piece of their heart in this great cause!  

This takes place in Britannia Oval Field on Sunday, April 23rd, around 9PM. A good time to wind down an eventful week and take out the beach towel to watch this under the starry night. 

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